12 Times Cristina Yang Was All of Us During Finals

Finals are horrible, stressful and probably the worst time of year for all University students. Some people turn to food, alcohol, Netflix or actually studying. I take the Netflix option and turn to Grey’s Anatomy, because Cristina Yang is ultimately the only person who gets it. She is all of us during this time.

1. When the exam timetables are released and you’ve been royally screwed over but you try to stay positive

2. Before you start studying and you have great confidence in yourself and your abilities— you attended classes, you’re a bright human, you’ve got this

3. After the first hour of studying.

4. Day one of studying done and you can’t go on.

5. When you wake up everyday to the prospect of yet another long day of studying.

6. When nothing makes sense and you turn to your classmates for help.

7. After a week of studying this is definitely you.

8. When you end up calling your parents crying because you’re going to fail university and they give you a pep talk.  

9. But then you realise your parents are wrong, you have no idea what you’re doing so you turn to alcohol.

10) Then you’re hungover, drowning in work and everyone around you appears to have their life together.

11. And then it’s two days before your three exams in forty-eight hours and you have nothing left.

12) And then somehow you’ve survived and it’s all over. Finally.