12 Problems You Know to Be True If You're a Bisexual Girl

Being anywhere on the LGBTQ+ comes with its share of problems and challenges. Some funny, some mildly annoying and some outright harmful. A lot of people forget that bisexual people also face a lot of these problems and a lot of stigma. So here’s some problems that only bisexual girls will understand:


1. The initial confusion before you realize you are bisexual.  


2. If you come out at a younger age, you’re bound to get the “but how do you know you like girls if you’ve never slept with one” question. Erm, probably the same way you know you like people of the opposite sex?


3, Being told by guys it’s “so hot” that you’re bisexual.


4. “So you’re totally up for threesomes right?”


5. Getting called “greedy.” Do you think I’m dating more people than a straight or gay person because I like both? That is definitely not how it works.


6. People telling you you’re just “confused,” ‘‘in a phase,” or “bound to come out as a lesbian soon.” Bisexuality is legitimate. Thank you.


7. When you date someone of the opposite sex and people say “when you were lesbian.” Yet again, that is so wrong. Still bisexual.


8. Straight girls saying, “I’m fed up of guys; I might go for girls, it must be so much easier.”


9. Being excluded from conversations with lesbians because you aren’t gay enough. Equally, being excluded from conversations with straight girls because you’re too gay.


10. Getting this look from people when you refer to an ex as “she.”


11. “But which gender do you prefer?”


12. Being completely unable to decide who you’re more attracted to in a celebrity or television show couple.


Seriously, HOW can anyone pick between these two?!


No way you’re making me pick.  


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