10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Watch Ru Paul's Drag Race

It's like America’s Next Top Model but for Drag Queens, and it’s more entertaining. It’s one of my favourite shows on television, but it is definitely the most underrated, so here are 10 reasons why everyone should watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.

1. The first reason is simply for the fact that these are men, wearing six-inch heels, doing make-up more complex and impressive than I can wrap my head around and ‘tucking’ at the same time… it’s mesmerizing and incredible.




2. These aren’t just ‘men putting makeup on and walking’ as someone said to me once. These are incredibly talented people, the contestants do a variety of challenges and they are everything from impersonators to comedians to makeup artists to singers to actors to seamstresses. They are incredible.


3. It’s an amazing celebration of LGBT identities and diversity. Who wouldn’t love that?


4. The catch phrases and slang are hilarious and I can’t remember what my life was like before I could use the words ‘no tea no shade.’


5.THE SHADE OF IT ALL. These queens are bitchy and the fights are spectacular and hilarious. I promise you, you have never seen anything quite like multiple Drag Queens arguing, they’re the sassiest and most beautiful fights.


6. Two words. SNATCH GAME. This is when all the Queens have to dress up and impersonate celebrities in a game-show style challenge and it is always the best episode every season.


7. RuPaul is all about body confidence and loving yourself. Ru is confident and the Queens are full of confidence and in my opinion this is one of the greatest things about the show.


8. At the end of every episode a Queen gets eliminated but this isn’t just any bottom two scenario, on Drag Race the Queens must Lip Sync for their life. And it is phenomenal.


9. The music is amazing. RuPaul is a Queen of so many talents. This was on repeat whilst I wrote this, it’s an iconic song.


10. If I haven’t convinced you already let me just say one name. Alyssa Edwards. My favourite queen of all time. If you haven’t been persuaded by my many other points, just take my word for it that it’s worth watching purely for Alyssa.



Please for your own sake, watch this show.