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Thirteen Simple, Funny, and Niche Halloween Costumes to Break Out This Fall

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If you are struggling to find a costume to wear this Halloween, don’t fear, I got you covered. In honor of Friday the 13th this October, here are thirteen unique, easy, and hilarious Halloween costume ideas. Pull up Amazon and rummage through your closest, and let’s begin! 

1. Randy Marsh from South Park as Lorde

With South Park trending last year and still relevant in 2023, this costume will be sure to stand out and make people wish they thought of it. All you need is a luscious brown wig parted to the side, black eyeliner, black dress and a fishnet top underneath, and a black mustache. A simple costume that will make you say, “I am Lorde yayaya”. 


2. The Nightman Cometh Cast

This is a simple and funny group costume for five friends, who love the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. To be the Nightman all you need is a black shirt and black pants, lots of black eyeliner, and if you are feeling fancy go ahead and pop those cat eyes in. For Dennis’ Dayman you will need a gray spandex bodysuit and a black pair of underwear to wear on the outside. For Charlie’s Dayman, an all-yellow suit, white top hat, black chain, and a mound of blush will surely catch the eye of the waitress. All you need for “The Coffee Shop Waitress” is a pick dress, an apron, and a tiara. As for the Troll, a brown cape, elf ears, a witchy nose and a brown cane will channel Frank as easily as possible. 

3. Terri Joe 

Tik Tok’s favorite Jesus loving live streamer is a costume that screams “preachers daughter, devout christian, hetrosexual women ”. All you need is a floral dress, a short black wig, and a cross necklace. Some finishing touches include a bible and a cross to spread the word of the lord and drag anyone that crosses you. 


4. DJ Khaled Lost at Sea

With the resurgence of DJ Khaled insightful sayings like, “life is roblox” and “call me exsparagus”, it’s time to bring back an iconic moment that keeps me up at night. To embody the moment he was lost at sea on a jet ski, you will need a white shirt, a blue life jacket, swim trunks, and a fake beard. To tie it all together carry around a toy jet ski all night. 


5. Hot Meg from Family Guy 

If you want to be cute and funny this year, Hot Meg is the way to go. To become Meg you will need a pink tube top and beanie, a pink choker and earrings, round Harry Potter esc glasses, a blue mini skirt, and silver thigh high boots. Put on some pink lipstick and lashes, and you will be ready to go. This look is sure to make your family who bullies you relentlessly to eat their words. 

6.”I’m Just a Baby”/ You as Baby

This is a costume that could go both ways. If you are on Tik Tok or watch “Broad City” you know the meme “I’m just a baby, I can pay you in blocks?”. All you need is a big oversized white sweater and add a small black mustache. Remove the mustache and add a pointy green hat, boom you are the other Tik Tok meme “you as a baby”. 



7. Fred Figglehorn

If you are an old youtube fan, you know who Fred is. To be him for Halloween you need a gray and yellow striped shirt, skinny jeans, and attach some yellow suspenders. For extra points, an early Justin Bieber hair wig will complete the look. Just dont talk in a high pitched voice all night if you want people to enjoy being around you!


8.  Christian Girl Autumn 

This is another memeish solo or group costume that you probably have in your closet. A white sweater with blue jeans tucked inside the iconic thigh high brown boots will make you and your crew ready for fall. Bonus point for a starbucks cup and wide brimmed brown hat!


9. Pen15 Maya and Anna

Pull out your middle school clothes from storage to become these two besties. For Maya, a Will Byers looking wig will complete the look. For Anna, if you wanna go the extra mile get some fake braces! Any early 2000s kid clothes will work for the outfit, striped shirts and cargo pants. You can even use backpacks and find you and your bestie friendship necklaces! Remember you are my rainbow gel pencil in a sea of blue and black writing utensils. 

10. Trixie and Katya 

Another duo costume if you love makeup and these two crazy drag queens. Besides doing Trixie’s iconic makeup, you will need a big blonde wig, a 70s or cowboy esc pink dress and white boots. For Katya, a red dress, black heels and gloves, a blonde wig, a hand fan, and a red winter russian looking hat will be perfect. UNHhhh.

11.  Ma from the movie Ma

Don’t make her drink alone! For Ma, you will need a short black wig, purple hospital scrubs, and a purple cardigan. Simple enough and niche enough that people will still know who you are. 

12. I Think You Should Leave: Driving Crooner

This sketch comedy has a lot of doable costumes, but the most well known would be the driving crooner. All you need is a gray fedora and a fake cigar, and possibly a collared shirt and jacket. If you wanna go the extra mile I’m sure you can get a steering wheel somewhere. Then just turn to the side and do your thing, just DON’T LET THEM MAKE IT LOOK FAKE!


13. Scary Godmother and Friends

Lastly, a very niche big group halloween costume from your childhood is Scary Godmother and her Halloween friends. You can be a witch, one of the three vampires, the monster in the basement, the werewolf, and the skeleton man. You could also have your pick of the evil kid Jimmy and the main little girl Hannah. This group costume is sure to bring back nostalgia to anyone who grew up in the 2000s. 


Hopefully some of these costumes caught your eye or inspire your own idea for a niche and easy Halloween costume! Remember to look out for black cats and avoid walking under ladders this Friday the 13th! Happy Halloween!

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