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Have you ever found yourself looking for a form of entertainment that can range from comedy to true crime? Or maybe something that gives you advice and self-help tips? Well, podcasts might be for you! Podcasts are one of the increasingly popular types of entertainment. Although the thought of simply listening to someone talk may seem boring at first, a deep dive into the realm of podcasts will have you grasping at your phone to listen. 

The popularity of podcasts begins with the specificity of them; You can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. The extensive range of podcast topics allows listeners to pick episodes based on their interests. Podcast genres are never-ending, including (but not limited to) true crime, history, news, education, lifestyle, religion, pop culture, interviews, sports, and motivation. Personally, the type of podcast I want to listen to depends highly on what I’m doing. Whether I’m driving, studying, or cleaning, the genre always depends on the activity going along with it. This also adds to the point that podcasts are multitask-friendly. Unlike a TV show or movie where your undivided attention has to be on them, podcasts are a form of media where you can occupy yourself while listening. This can be perfect for those with short attention spans or busy schedules. Podcasts are also extremely easy to access. All you need is a computer or phone. You can listen on YouTube, a creator’s website, Spotify, iTunes, and more. And, on top of that, many of these services offer free listening for podcasts with the addition of a few ads throughout episodes. All of this sets podcasts apart from other entertainment media. 

The influx of celebrities joining the podcast scene contributes to its popularity. Some celebrities include Jason & Travis Kelce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Penn Badgley, Kate Hudson, Ellen Pompeo, and even Michelle Obama. Listening to your favorite celebrity talk for 45 minutes can feel more personal than watching them on TV. 

Podcasts can also offer many benefits. They serve as an easy way to relax and make you feel happier. Listening to a podcast that is relatable to something going on in your life can help you feel less alone and more seen, especially if this podcast includes advice on how to deal with certain conflicts. Podcasts can also help you become a better listener. Since podcasts often don’t have a video to go along with them, the consumer must solely rely on listening. Whether this improves your general listening or your ability to listen while multitasking, podcasts are sure to help you develop this crucial skill. Learning new things is also a large appeal to podcasts. Any genre of podcasts will teach you something new, whether it’s makeup tips or new pop culture drama. 

Creating your podcast is also an option. My sister and I just started our own, and so far it has been extremely enjoyable and therapeutic. We love to talk about everything going on in our lives, celebrity news, and anything about the college experience. A podcast doesn’t have to be perfect; It can be messy, silly, fun, and all over the place. This is what makes podcasting so enjoyable. The organization of it is completely up to you, from the content to the platform it goes on. The main benefit of creating your podcast is self-satisfaction. Talking about something you have a strong interest in for an hour straight knowing an audience that shares the same interest is listening is an unbeatable feeling. It’s also more private than creating a YouTube video or posting on any other social media. You never have to show your face or even give your real name if you don’t want to. Recording your podcast is also perfect for those who could talk for hours. 

Now you can see why podcasts are becoming so popular! Even if you’re still unsure about diving into one, I suggest you just try it out. Scour your streaming platform of choice and find a podcast that pertains to your interests, or even one hosted by your favorite celeb – I guarantee there’s one out there. Pop in those headphones and happy listening!

Brooke Darst

West Chester '26

Brooke Darst is a Communications major with a minor in Journalism at West Chester University. With interests in sports, mental health, entertainment, and the arts, she hopes to spark conversations and spread her ideas through writing.