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As a lot of college students know it can be overwhelming how to decorate your dorm or apartment. You might be asking yourself, what kind of aesthetic do you want? What is going to be your color theme? Are you going to match with your roommate? Are you going to go for a cheaper option or more expensive look? The possibilities are endless. I always go for a look that I wouldn’t mind having all year round. I’m a simplistic person: I don’t like too many decorations, but I like being reminded of home. Now that spring and warmer weather is coming around, I want my room to have more of a summery feeling. But, with school almost being over, I don’t want to spend too much money or make too much of a change. Here are a few ways to spice up your room or apartment for the spring!


When I think of spring, my mind always goes right to flowers. A new bouquet of flowers can be expensive, but there are cheaper options for us college students. For example, Target and Trader Joes always have a bunch of flowers for under $10. When I do my weekly grocery shopping, I always treat myself to the smallest bunch of flowers. It makes my day and always brightens up the look and vibe of my room. Now, if you don’t have a vase, don’t worry! Goodwill always has some cheap but cute options if you look hard enough. But in the meantime, a tall cup will always make do!


Easter is always a big celebration in my family. We all get together, eat a ton of food, and do a massive Easter egg hunt. However, since I am a student-athlete who has a winter and spring season, I don’t always get to go home. Even though this is a little bit of a downer, my roommates and I always decorate with simple Easter decor to get that “home” feeling. Dollar Tree always has cheap plastic eggs that we place around the house, cheap but adorable baskets, crafts, or small Easter wreaths. 

bright and bold!

Thrifted art is a must since it is super easy and super cheap. Even better, make your own. Adding a pop of color will brighten the room right up. A blank canvas and some acrylic paint will do just fine! Your old blue winter decor isn’t going to have the same vivid effect as some new art. Your space will naturally feel bigger and brighter. Once again- Dollar tree is the place to be. You can get paint, canvases, and brushes all for under $5. 

As the days get brighter and longer, dorms and apartments are in desperate need of a refreshment. With some of these cheap but cute ideas, you can just about transform your college dorm or apartment. Declutter and make room for some new decor. Whether this means saving some money and getting cheap options or going big with some more expensive pieces, open and brighten up your space. Spring is the time for starting fresh!

Macarthy Keane

West Chester '26

Gymnast at West Chester University Writer for Her Campus at WCU