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If you’re reading this, the chances that you’re a broke girl in college are very likely. But just because you’re tight on cash doesn’t mean you should be forced to walk around campus with something as horrifying as naked nails. In honor of spooky season, here are 13 nail polish colors that’ll make you scream! 

Forever Yummy

“Forever Yummy” by Essie is an all time favorite of mine. It’s a deep red shade, the perfect shade to match a perfect red lip this Halloween!  Every time I wear it, I’m convinced I’m a gorgeous ancient vampiress on the lookout for her next hot meal. It’s a hypnotizing color that’ll draw anyone in. Even the cute guy you met five minutes ago at a costume party who’s dressed as a frat boy. At least…I hope that’s a costume. 

Without Reservations 

“Without Reservations” by Essie is a deep metallic burgundy shade. One of my all time favorite Halloween movies is Hocus Pocus, and every time I wear this shade, I can’t help but think of the Sanderson sisters. This color always makes me feel like if I tried hard enough, I could hop on a broom and fly high up in the clouds right above campus. Fingers crossed I don’t see my situationship with a witch. Just don’t light any candles while wearing this one, you don’t want to wake any slumbering witches! 

Berry in Love

“Berry in Love” by Essie is such a beautiful berry color that it would be a crime to not add it to this list. It’s fall, which means the amazing time that is Berry anything season is back, and I welcome her with giant open arms. There’s nothing I love more than a berry lippie, and no this isn’t a trick, it’s a gorgeous nail color too. The shade name isn’t just a cute play on words, it will make you feel exactly like that! It’s the perfect color to wear to your next pumpkin patch date with that special someone, or even while just watching a scary movie with your boo. 

In a Flash Sale

It’s October, which means soon everyone will be running to get a pumpkin. If you’re someone who loves that pumpkin orange like color, well then I’ve got a shade for you. “In a Flash Sale” by Essie is a color that resembles bright fall orange leaves and giant round pumpkins. My family’s favorite Halloween classic is Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, and this shade transports me right next to Linus in that dark and spooky pumpkin patch. Just don’t end up like Sally and spend your whole night with a giant blockhead over some beagle. I mean…the great pumpkin!

After School Boy Blazer 

“After School Boy Blazer” by Essie is a blue-black shade so deep, it could probably rival the color of the soul of the most self-proclaimed emo that you know. In my case, I’m talking about my sister. But it’s officially Spooky season, the only time one can have black nails without being accused of going goth. So turn up the My Chemical Romance and Paramore and go get yourself a box of black hair dye while you’re at it! 

Willow in The Wind 

“Willow in The Wind” by Essie is a light green color that makes me feel the tiniest bit evil every time I wear it. It kinda reminds me of the ectoplasm from Ghostbusters, obviously in a good way. If you’re a green green green dress kind of person, I think this color will be right up your alley. 


It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include this shade, some may even say…wicked! Number six on the list is “Wicked” by Essie. And just like the name suggests, it’s a shade so dark, you probably have to be a little wicked to pull it off. Wicked is a cool rich brown shade that anyone who loves to rock a dark nail color absolutely needs in their collection. But don’t be fooled by the name, it’s really not that scary! 

World is Your Oyster 

“World is Your Oyster” by Essie is probably one of the most beautiful shades I’ve ever seen. And if you couldn’t tell, I own an alarming amount of nail polish. I’m a teenage girl, leave me alone! This shade is so mystical and otherworldly that your mermaid or fairy costumes this Halloween would be incomplete without it. It’s a shimmery light purple color that looks as if it holds the secrets to the universe in it. At least, hopefully the secret to this year’s best Halloween costume. Fingers crossed it’s whatever I plan the day of!

Scarlet Starlet

“Scarlet Starlet” by Essie is a bright red color that is sure to make anyone scream. This red is so loud that you’ll be impossible to miss. A Halloween costume that never gets old is Betty Boop, and if you’re out looking for a teeny tiny red dress right now, you’ll need this color to match her signature look. So Boop-Oop-a-Doop your way to the store immediately! 

Underground Ball

“Underground Ball” by Essie is a dark plum color that’ll have you feeling like you absolutely need to light a candle and read your friend her tarot. This shade makes me think of the young vampire from Scooby doo and the Ghoul School, aka what eight year old me wanted to grow up and be. So yes, this is a shade I personally will be rocking this all Hallows Eve. 

License to Thrill 

The first time I ever went on an airplane was in fourth grade. Before the flight, my dad told my sister and I we could both buy a movie to watch during the plane ride. I decided on The Corpse Bride, and even at the age of nine I was able to understand just how devastating and heart wrenching Emily’s love story was. “License to Thrill” by Essie makes me think of her every time I wear it. It also makes me want to scream but that’s because she deserved the world! If this year you plan on taking on Emily and all of her sorrow, you’re going to need this shade.

Woven at Heart

“Woven at Heart” by Essie is a gorgeous brick color that is both classy and cute. If you’re reading this, you definitely know the term “Christian Girl Autumn.” This is the perfect color to kick off the start of Christian Girl Autumn season. Every time I wear this color, I feel like I need to throw on a pair of Uggs, grab a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, and run to the nearest leaf pile I can find. 

Off Tropic 

In honor of my Slytherin roots, I have to add this one to the list “Off Tropic” by Essie is a dark forest green that’ll perfectly match your Slytherin robes. Whenever I wear this shade, I always feel the need to roll my eyes and yell “Potter” in a British accent. Everyone who sees you while wearing this shade will be green with envy, even Draco Malfoy himself!

And that’s it! 13 nail polish colors for this spooky season that are sure to make anyone drop dead! But don’t just take it from me, I’m pretty sure I saw It from the Addams family wearing a few of them. Happy Halloween!

Somara Grewal

West Chester '26

Hi! My name is Somara! I'm currently a sophomore and I just changed my major to english this semester. A fun fact about me is I love the dork diary books, especially when I'm sad. My favorite book is Sixteenth summer, I'm just a teenage girl leave me alone! And I unironically really love love love the chocolate croissant from starbucks.