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Girl And Boy Chillin
Girl And Boy Chillin
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The Reality of Having A Guy Best Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at West Chester chapter.

When you think about college, your mind may automatically focus on the classes, experiences, and personal growth and improvements. What you may not think about are the relationships and friendships that will form with people in your classes, living space, and clubs that you are in. College is a time for people to meet their lifelong friends. However, it is not guaranteed. It is a time where people have to step outside of their comfort zone to break free from the social anxiety restrictions that prevent them from connecting with others. According to ECPI University, “emerging studies suggest students who make friends and form relationships in college are more likely to be academically successful and to ultimately graduate. You might wonder why, but the answer seems very clear. Humans are social creatures and when you have individuals who can empathize with you, encourage you, and blow off steam with you, you will be better prepared to face the challenge of higher education”. Not only are friends here to talk and hang out with, but they are also here to help you succeed with everything that you do.

If you are a female and reading this, I know what some of you may be thinking about a guy and girl best friendship: “Ew, guys are disgusting”. To an extent, I agree, who would not? However, that is not a reason that would stop me from being best friends with a guy. To be completely honest, the fact that they are disgusting makes friendship even funnier because it gives us a lot to laugh about. Yes, they tell you things that they should keep to themselves, and yes, they say some messed up things but is it greatly different than same-sex friendships? Not at all.

Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Couple Laughing With Milkshakes
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
Being a girl with a guy best friend, I get a lot of weird stares and comments made to me. I lost count how many times people have asked if we were dating or a “thing”. At first, we thought it was strange and grew annoyed with the comments, but now we laugh about it and get a kick out of people thinking we are together. Can you blame them though? We are with each other 24/7 and if we are not physically hanging out, we are constantly talking on the phone. Sometimes, we are judged about our friendships because people think it is strange for a male and female to be strictly friends but why does it have to be like that? Society still struggles to accept that a guy and girl can be together every second of the day without dating which frankly, is sad.


Without a doubt, we are practically brother and sister; we have acknowledged it. We can talk every day, but just like every other type of friendship, we have our moments. The two of us fight, complain, apologize, and get over it. Days and weeks have passed where we do not communicate as a result of an argument, but we always get over it because we know it is not worth risking our friendship. We can talk to one another about anything and when I say anything, I mean it because we support each other unconditionally. There have been nights where I did not want to be alone and he would immediately come over for a movie night. He experienced hardships in his life where he needed me, and I was there for him through it all. Not only that, he is the person that I never hesitate to go to when I need to talk, gossip, or have a break down which we usually do over pizza. He has seen all the sides to me, messy and all, and the same vice versa.

People think that a girl and guy having a close, meaningful friendship is something out of the ordinary but I am here to tell you it is not because this type of friendship is completely normal and quite honestly, one of the best forms of relationships you can have with another person.


Hi, I'm Marly! I am a senior at West Chester University, majoring in English (Writings Track) with a concentration in Digital Writing and Rhetoric. In my free time I love to practice self care, which includes: listening to my favorite music, cooking/baking, journaling, and (of course!) obsessing over my dogs.