A Ranking of the "Friends" Thanksgiving Episodes

Let’s be honest, how many of us make it a Thanksgiving tradition to watch all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes during Thanksgiving week? It is not just me! If you are in the same boat, you watched all of the episodes multiple times and the Thanksgiving episodes are elite. Here is a guide to help you figure out an order from the worst to the best episode!

  1. 1. Season 2 Episode 8: The One With The List

    This episode barely counts as a Thanksgiving episode. It aired around Thanksgiving which is why it makes the list, but the story mainly focuses on Ross and Rachel drama while Monica tries to make Thanksgiving recipes with a bar of disgusting substitute chocolate called "Mockolate". 

  2. 2. Season 4 Episode 8: The One With Chandler In A Box

    This episode is pretty sad but goofy because Chandler and Joey are fighting. Chandler tries to prove his loyalty to Joey by literally sitting in a box for hours. The other friends also have their fair share of issues like Monica almost getting involved with her ex's son, but when do they not?

  3. 3. Season 7 Episode 8: The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

    This episode is honestly not that memorable to me. I do not even remember them ever sitting down to eat, but Rachel invites her much younger assistant who she crushes on, and Chandler admits to the gang that he does not like dogs which shocks and disturbs everyone. A solid episode but definitely not my favorite. 

  4. 4. Season 3 Episode 9: The One With The Football

    This episode has some pretty good jokes, but nothing much to do with the storyline of the show. It has the gang playing a game of football and we learn about Monica and Ross’s past with family football games. They get competitive and try to do a rematch of a childhood game that gets interesting and out of hand. Also another solid episode but not my favorite.

  5. 5. Season 9 Episode 8: The One With Rachel’s Other Sister

    This episode portrays a classic holiday family feud between Rachel and her “other” sister, Amy, played by Christina Applegate. Amy is a little crazy and it depends whether you like her crazy or not. It is not the worst but definitely does not compare to the best. You still get a few laughs though!


  6. 6. Season 1 Episode 9: The One Where Underdog Got Away

    I would consider this episode better than the previous ones because it was the first Thanksgiving that the “Friends” all had together. They all had separate plans, but each one of their plans falls through in a twist of fate, becoming the first of many shared holiday meals.

  7. 7. Season 10 Episode 8: The One With The Late Thanksgiving

    The one with the late Thanksgiving is high on my list because Monica and Chandler get exciting news. Rachel enters her daughter in a pageant and Joey and Ross sneak away to a game. It is also the last Thanksgiving episode and pretty bittersweet.

  8. 8. Season 6 Episode 9: The One Where Ross Got High

    This episode is one of the funnier Thanksgiving episodes. We hear a lot of confessions, both new and old from the gang, and Monica and Ross’s parents come to visit. This is also the infamous beef trifle episode where Rachel completely botches dessert by mixing up two totally different recipes.

  9. 9. Season 5 Episode 8: The One With All The Thanksgivings

    This episode was really close to being #1. It contains a bunch of Thanksgiving flashbacks, and we see when Monica first met Chandler and when Ross and Chandler were truly in their college prime plus many other past Thanksgivings. The wardrobe itself is something to admire, and you will be sure to laugh a lot during this episode.

  10. 10. Season 8 Episode 9: The One With The Rumor

    I think a lot of people can agree that this is one of the best episodes of Friends as a whole. And the answer to why is two words: Brad Pitt. He plays Monica’s old friend from high school and has a surprising nemesis in the gang. I do not even want to give away more than that, but other than, best episode ever.

Hopefully, you agree with this list or it can spark some debate around the Thanksgiving table. It is also an excuse to watch these episodes again! Happy watching and happy Thanksgiving!