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Post Graduation For a Psychology Major

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Nearing the end of my undergraduate career, after working towards a B.S. in Psychology, I realized I am not really sure what I want my next steps to look like. I have lots of ideas of different paths I could take; I could go get my masters degree, I could go for the entire PhD all at once, or I could work a little before taking further steps in my education. All are completely valid next steps, but I have to consider what is right for me. 

It is easy to be funneled into what everyone else is doing, or what you think you should be doing. It has taken me a while to realize I am the one that knows what is best for me, and I am in control of how my life takes shape. Even if I make a mistake, decide I want to do something completely different, I take assurance in the lessons I learn along the way, and how much better I know myself. 

How I am seeing things now for myself, which very well might change down the line, I would like to take a breather after earning my Bachelors. College is stressful. I think the best way to take the next steps is to take them with the intention to not burn myself out. I could get an internship, a job, and or study for the GRE. During this time not in school, I have a good amount of ways to add to life experience and my resume. Taking time off from my academics does not indicate that I don’t want to go far in my career.

I have big ideas for my future, even when I am not locked down on one idea. I am considering becoming a therapist, conducting research on emotions, or awaiting a surprising option. Then again these all could happen. Life is still unfolding and revealing new things that shape the decisions I make. Developing yourself as a person, not just as a student, is integral to making good choices for yourself.

Valerie Thomson

West Chester '23

Psych major with a minor in literature of diverse cultures at west chester university.