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Organic Lip Balm Rules The Lip Balm World!

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Every college student does not need to worry about cracking lips while studying tirelessly for exams, writing long papers, or juggling extracurriculars, internships, and jobs. They need their lips to be soft and moist so they have one less thing to worry about. So, opting for organic lip balm to repair and heal cracked lips is the go to for any college student who is looking to not keep on buying lip balm. Traditional lip balm only agitates your lips, as ingredients with synthetic chemicals and human lips do not mesh well together! To elaborate, who would want a potential allergic reaction and/or for their hormones to go off balance all because they use traditional lip balm? 

I can imagine you are saying to yourself, “what is so special about organic lip balm?” To start, they provide your lips with natural ingredients which includes oils, butters, and extracts. These natural ingredients are what truly lock in the moisture in your lips, allowing your lips to stay hydrated for longer periods of time – much more than traditional lip balms can do. Also, you know how everyone has been hearing about issues regarding climate change? Organic lip balms are literally a form of activism work, because they are manufactured in a way that supports environmental health! Also, do you love looking at adorable photos of cute animals? I know I love scrolling through my phone to look at these adorable photos! Using organic lip balm helps to ensure that these cute animals are kept happy and safe, because they are not tested on animals. On the other hand, traditional lip balms are tested on animals which can cause the animals’ harm. 

I know that traditional lip balm can seem like the cheaper option, but I honestly think that since organic lip balm lasts longer, it could be less expensive in the long-term, because all that money spent on constantly buying traditional lip balm quickly adds up. 

Finally, if you want planet earth to last for a long time and for adorable animals to not be harmed over humans using traditional lip balm, organic lip balm is the answer to these issues!

Rachael Weiser

West Chester '26

I am an English major and earning my Global Awareness Pathway Certificate at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I am an observant, creative, intuitive, open-minded, and compassionate person. I have a passion for all types writing. In 2021, I won the Excellence in Creative Writing Award. In 2020, I won first place for the Mahatma Gandhi Essay Writing Award (Association of Indians South Jersey Chapter. In 2017, I won first place for The Siegelbaum Literary and Visual Arts Competition. I have also had several writing internships.