Networking During a Pandemic

Networking can be hard during normal times, but this new remote world we are all getting acquainted to can make it even more challenging. Networking is an extremely important part of our professional careers so considering these tips could be beneficial for you.

  1. 1. The People Around You 

    First and foremost, I would begin with networking through the people that you see on a day to day basis. That includes your current managers, your parents' connections, your teachers, and your school. All of those mentioned above are great ways to encounter and speak with employers for potential business opportunities. The majority of the connections I have made in the past are all through my parents, my teachers, and my school. The recent connections I have made were thanks to the Career Fair that was hosted at West Chester University. Try to build relationships with your professors because all they want for their students is to succeed. With that being said, they will help you out in any possible way and I say that based on personal experience. 

  2. 2. LinkedIn

    Another great way to make connections is through LinkedIn. Linked in allows an individual to send short messages to whoever you’d like to connect with and 9/10 times they will accept your invite. That opens up a pool of opportunities for the individual trying to network. It allows you to find companies you could be interested in and connect with those people in order to potentially find internships and future jobs. Connect with your old, and current leaders and co-workers. Also, connect with your professors so you can always have that as a communication channel in case any opportunity arises. 

At the end of the day, it is up to you to get those connections started. Your future is in your hands and in your hands only so do the research, get acquainted and get to networking!