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My Journey With Jewelry: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Reflecting on my high school days, it’s hard to imagine there was a time I did not wear jewelry. Back then, I considered jewelry “too fancy” for everyday wear and had absolutely no clue which brands were worth purchasing. However, one day, I was babysitting a five-year-old girl when she asked me, “Why don’t you ever wear earrings?” Sounds silly, but soon after that conversation, I began dipping my toes into the world of jewelry. I began researching different brands and what was trending at the time. It started with a pair of earrings, then gradually moved to necklaces, rings, and my new latest obsession- bracelets. I get a lot of my jewelry inspiration from Hailey Bieber, specifically the chunky gold hoops and initial necklaces. Let’s explore how jewelry has changed my life, and why I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already. 

First of all, jewelry allows me to transform any outfit, whether it is sweatpants or a sweatshirt, into something stylish. In high school, I was riddled with insecurities that affected my daily life and searched for something to increase my confidence. I would often receive compliments on the jewelry I wore, making me feel empowered and motivated. Jewelry is also a great way to express yourself. For example, chunky pearls, colorful beads, and belly chains say more than words ever could. Jewelry is also an integral part of culture, as pieces are seen as a way to honor ancestors and gods in Eastern countries. 

Jewelry is also extremely versatile. For example, some days call for delicate chains and others call for statement earrings. My mom has also gifted many delicate pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. One of the best factors about jewelry: it does not have to break the bank. Some of my most worn pieces are from Amazon or T.J. Maxx (I strongly recommend Pavoi and M Mooham). 

Since jewelry has played such an important role in my life, I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to explore this new world. Jewelry allows us to express ourselves and boosts our spirits to take on the day. I recently have been purchasing jewelry from women-owned businesses (Kendra Scott + Caitlyn Minimalist). This way, I can uplift other women and support their economic success and independence. 

In the end, it is more than just looking pretty- it is about embracing the beauty beneath the surface and allowing it to shine one piece at a time.

Jillian Padykula

West Chester '26

Jillian is a sophomore public health major at West Chester University. She is a huge dog lover and enjoys gossiping about celebrity drama and fashion.