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Last weekend, I took a trip to the number one place on my bucket list: Salem, Massachusetts! My time in Witch City was a magical and spiritual experience. I would absolutely recommend anyone to visit this historically beautiful town. Here’s what I saw, where I went, and some recommendations:

There are numerous museums and thrilling parts of Salem that share history dated back hundreds of years ago. The museums I visited were The Salem Witch Museum, Real Pirates Salem Museum, and The House of the Seven Gables. The museums were rich with history, and you could immerse yourself in the exact time period. Not only were they interesting, but truly informing (https://salemwitchmuseum.com/ https://realpiratessalem.com/ https://7gables.org/). You will carry so much history back with you! The House of the Seven Gables is an incredibly stunning house that explores the history of Salem in the 1600s and the story created by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It sits on a beautiful land with a garden, right next to the water. I took in all the beauty for hours and didn’t want to leave! If you ever get the opportunity to visit Salem, The House of the Seven Gables is a must see, along with the Hocus Pocus House!

Downtown Salem is surrounded by the cutest shops and trinket stores I have ever seen! From crystals to clothes to books to psychic readings, downtown is bursting with magic. Every store I went in was a sight to behold. Many shops were mystical and otherworldly. My favorite shop was Nocturne – it felt like stepping into a witch’s home (https://nocturnesalem.com/). Not to mention, almost every store smelled like incense and had candles galore! Some shops offer aura photos, tarot, and psychic readings too! As if that wasn’t enough, there were yummy treat stores, cafes, and fantastic Mexican food. I brought back a bag, sweater, hair accessories, postcards, trinkets, and more! There is so much to explore in Salem and it’s impossible not to find something to your liking. 

The historical town of Salem still feels like the 1600-1900s. It just has that old New England glow to it. The sidewalks consist mostly of red brick, and the homes are colonial. I could walk all day along the beautiful streets, peering at each home and wishing it was mine! One of my favorite parts of my trip was the trolley tour. It was one hour long and took us through the streets of Salem. It was one of my favorite experiences, and I even met a doggy friend on the ride! If you love dogs, this is the place for you! I saw dozens of dogs all dressed up in Halloween costumes… Princesses, hot dogs, and pumpkins to be exact! People roamed around in witch hats, and I saw some of the coolest outfits ever. No matter what time of year you visit, you are always stepping into Halloween Town.

Salem carries such a whimsical, peaceful, and mysterious aura around it. With some of the most pleasant people, places, and activities, this was my favorite trip I have been on. Dive deep into history, explore the town, and shop for hours! Treat yourself to a magical weekend in Witch City, I promise it won’t disappoint you.

Jessica Creamer

West Chester '26

Second year West Chester student majoring in Secondary Education & English!