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“Step one: if you wanna be Tarayummy, you have to think like Tarayummy. Tarayummy is a mindset”

I love Tarayummy. Like, LOVE her. Over the past year, she has blown up as a new “it girl”. Starting off as a Youtube creator five years ago, she has gained lots of traction recently on TikTok and Instagram as well. Tarayummy is 23 years old, a proud Leo, and a dog lover. She creates fun content on Youtube, such as makeup routines, GRWM’s, vlogs about her trips, hilarious content with her ex boyfriend (how could he possibly fumble so hard?) and collabs with Tana Mongeau, Vinnie Hacker, and more. Her Instagram and TikTok are always a hit, and I constantly envy her style and confidence. What I love most about Tarayummy is the realness she exudes, like her rants, intrusive ideas she randomly posts, and literally all of her tweets that are just so real. She also just looks like a total badass that stepped straight out of 2010. If anyone has watched Pretty Little Liars, she totally gives off Aria Montgomery vibes. Every time I dress up and go out, I think to myself “Okay, we have a Tarayummy mindset tonight”. This definitely boosts my confidence levels! 

Tarayummy growing in popularity has been the highlight of my past few months. She is basically my Alix Earle. Don’t get me wrong, Alix Earle is AMAZING, but sometimes we need a break from the Barbies to focus on the Bratz. Tarayummy has a unique style, with piercings and darker aesthetics different from many other popular content creators. She screams “rock star girlfriend” or “crazy ex girlfriend” realness. I feel like we need more influencers that aren’t constantly promoting a clean girl aesthetic. I don’t know about you, but I definitely am over the clean girl aesthetic. Like yes girl, we want an update on your Coachella hangover ASAP! 

In an interview on Tarayummy conducted by Canvas Rebel, Tara says that she grew up in Los Angeles, always watching Youtubers. She says, “I think I am most proud of how genuine my content is – and how I never play a character, it’s just me in front of the camera like I’m on facetime with everyone.” I feel like many influencers and creators cannot say the same about genuineness, which makes me love Tarayummy even more than I already do. 

The viral TikTok audio, “Step one: if you wanna be Tarayummy, you have to think like Tarayummy. Tarayummy is a mindset”, has been popular with women and girls showing off confidence and styles. I think it’s such a fun audio, and I love using it whenever I’m dolled up. Tarayummy encourages people to unapologetically be themselves, and I love seeing the different styles girls are using to the Tarayummy audio. She is definitely my current style inspo, especially because she is short with dark hair and eyes (just like me) so I can envision myself pulling off some of her looks. Rather than your typical tall, tan, blonde hair, blue-eyed influencer, girls who resemble her were in need of a new icon. Thanks Tara, we love you.

Jessica Creamer

West Chester '26

Second year West Chester student majoring in Secondary Education & English!