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I’ve Drenched & Quenched My Skin with Bliss’ Cream-to-Water Hydrator: Why I Love It

When it comes to all things skincare related, I am like a giddy child on Christmas day. As a little girl, I would watch my mom in awe as she’d put on her array of beauty potions and creams before bed as a nighttime ritual. Since then, I became invested in taking proper care of my skin as a preventative measure of aging and sun damage.  For a bit of background info, I have combination skin with some sensitivity to certain products. For this, I don’t like to switch up products too frequently because it tends to shock my skin and break out.

My normal regimen was working well for me when I was living at school, but once I came home nothing was working the same. Dry air coupled with a stupendous amount of schoolwork began to wreak havoc on my face. In a matter of weeks, I started to break out in stress hives, redness, and overall dryness that caused bothersome itching. What was concerning was that no matter how much serum and moisturizer I’d put on my face, it seemed to get unabsorbed, leaving a gross film for the rest of the day. I was extremely irritated both literally and figuratively!

To calm my nerves, I did some research to see what could be the root issue. According to licensed esthetician Abby Stoecker, “the purpose of hydrating is to bind water to our skin and moisturizing is to prevent the water from leaving our skin." Some factors that can cause dehydration and dryness can be caused by AC/heating, UV rays, or simply having the wrong skincare routine. So, while my combo skin was obviously lacking water retention, I didn’t have proper products in my routine to tackle this.

The Product

I went to Target the next day to check out their skincare section. Among the $30 jars of creams and serums not worth the amount they actually contain, I caught my eye on a white and aqua package—Drench & Quench Hydrating Cream: Cream-to-water Hydrator for All Skin Types by Bliss. Not only is this product hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free, it is also formulated for sensitivity issues. The Bliss website describes the product as an “ultra-lightweight hydrating moisturizer…with more than 10,000 marine micro-droplets for intense, yet weightless, all-day hydration.” Additionally, the third ingredient in the formula contains glycerin, a liquid humectant which delivers ultra-hydration to the skin. As the product promises an improved moisturizer barrier within four weeks, I was determined to get back to a healthy, glowing complexion.

That night, after washing, toning, and using a serum, I opened the container to reveal a bright blue cream. Immediately, I was hit with the most refreshingly clean scent I had ever smelled! I was a little nervous if the fragrance would cause more irritation, but I took the risk anyway.

It was like a mini-magic show seeing how this seemingly thick substance can turn into liquid instantly upon touching it. Upon application, I could feel the cooling sensation my skin desperately craved. I used around a dime-sized amount to evenly cover my face and soothe the tight, dry feeling I was suffering with for weeks. As part of the experiment, I even put some around my eyes, since dehydration also causes under-eyes to cast a dull, dark appearance.

By the next morning, my skin appeared thoroughly hydrated and moisturized and even diminished the appearance of some of the red areas I was dealing with. The skin around my eyes looked more supple and illuminated, which I was not getting from my late-night study sessions and caffeine overload.

In short, this was made for me.  

The Aftermath: One Month Later

I have to say I cannot get over how light-weight this hydrating moisturizer is. Most moisturizers make my skin feel soft, but too greasy or leave a heavy residue. This adds the right amount of moisture and gives me a beautiful glow, almost as if I used a face mask packed with serum. No sticky, greasy feeling, yet hydrates just as well. It’s a win-win!

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this product. My skin is completely transformed and it’s worked so well with my other toners and serums. Personally, I feel like this has cleared up both stress and hormonal-related breakouts and kept any sensitivity issues at bay. For those who are more oily in the summertime and need something extremely light, go with this. I have yet to test this out in the upcoming winter months, but I imagine this to be a go-to for my fellow sensitive skin peeps.

Nikki Haslett

West Chester '21

Nikki Haslett is a West Chester University of PA alum and former Vice President for Her Campus at West Chester. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and a minor in journalism, she is currently seeking out writing and editorial opportunities for digital/print news publications and magazines. Naturally, she's drawn towards creative outlets, whether it be beauty & fashion, writing, drawing, or working with multimedia tools for journalistic projects, such as podcasting and styling magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. As an aspiring journalist and editor, she is determined to use her natural interpersonal skills to make meaningful connections with individuals and bring unique stories to the forefront. Fun Fact: One of my bucket list goals is to write a complete, feature-length movie script and attend a Hollywood awards show.
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