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Four Rituals I Try Practicing for Every Fall Season

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Mylee Shultz

There is a specific genre of girl that prefers fall the most out of the other seasons, I’d say I’m one of them. Though I appreciate different parts of every season, there is something about fall that just makes me so sentimental. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the changing of the leaves as the weeks go by, or maybe it’s seeing fresh eyes of little boys and girls racing to the first house they see on Halloween night. Either way, I am going to share some of my personal favorite ‘traditions’ or pastimes to do in the fall time.

  1. A Change of Wardrobe

One of the many things about myself that I feel is constantly changing and evolving is my sense of fashion. With fashion, you’re able to express yourself freely without having to actually say any words. When the month of September starts to roll around, you can find me retiring my tank tops and high-waisted shorts for sweaters, patchwork, and flannels galore. Before every academic year or so I’ll take some time out of my week to gradually look at my closet or drawers and see if I can pick out any pieces of clothing that I do not wear anymore. Usually, there’s more than I’d like there to be, (I happen to always be changing my mind on what I like wearing). Whatever I find myself no longer wanting I’ll either donate or hand down to someone I may know, so that they too can hopefully get some joy out of it. Over the past few years I’d say that I’ve acquired quite the collection of sweaters: cropped, oversized, old, new. These sweaters are mostly from stores such as American Eagle or Pacsun, though there are a few that I own that may be thrifted or even stolen by me from my dad’s closet. Where there’s a sweater, there’s probably me looking to get my hands on it. I also yearn for the opportunity to wear either my jeans or corduroy pants. Personally, the colder seasons seem to be much more creative in terms of styling. Even when it comes to footwear, who doesn’t love the opportunity to start wearing their boots?! 

  1. Baking

There are so many instances when I wish that I was good at cooking food. I am so very envious of people who can effortlessly finesse a good casserole or who are dedicated enough to making a multicourse meal. Though I do not doubt that I would be able to become better at cooking if I just tried, it’s also a matter of fact of not being too lazy to just order something (which I do quite often). However, when the cooler seasons come around there is something within me that comes alive and desires to begin baking everything that it can think of. During this season, the sole idea of pumpkin emerges into our lives as a constant ingredient in drinks, pastries, and even lotions or perfumes. It feels exposing to say, but I am not very much of an avid pumpkin spice-enjoyer when it comes to my coffee; I’ll just take a hint or two of cinnamon and I’m good. However, give me some pumpkin pie or cupcakes and I will be more than a happy girl. For the most part, Pinterest or Facebook is where I find most of my recipes, though you can always go old-school and pick your beloved family recipe! 

With anything though, sometimes we do not have all the time in the world to be waiting for our delicious treats to be done. A quick fix that you can never go wrong with are those Pillsbury Ready to Bake sugar cookies, usually these will have either a design of pumpkins or ghosts on them. Since I can remember my mom was always sure to pick a box or two of these cookies up once the holidays rolled around. They’re easy, convenient, and nonetheless delicious with every bite. This fall, I hope to try and expand my baking horizons, and possibly look into a good cinnamon roll recipe.

  1. Fall Playlist

     Another thing that I’ll look into doing when the time comes around is to make a new playlist for the new season. Though my music taste is constantly expanding, there still is a set few of artists that I always find myself coming back to at the first crack of the cold breeze. When making a new fall playlist, have fun with it! This should not be a pastime that you find to be stressful at all, although I have definitely managed to stress myself out over doing this in the past. Some of my friends I know will even label their playlists by the year, that way they can see how much their music has changed over time. 

     Some artists that I find myself blasting around this time of year are The Smiths, Elliott Smith, Slowdive, and The Sundays. For my more niche audience, the It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown soundtrack also works!

  1. Watching the Classics

     Lastly, one of my favorite pastimes, not just depending on the seasons, is laying back to watch a movie or binge watching a television show. There are constantly new movies coming out in the genre of horror or romance that circulate either around autumn or the holidays in general; however, I like to keep myself consistent with watching a select few of movies every year when I can. The first movie being the Halloweentown franchise, which I was introduced to by my grandmother growing up. In all honesty, I do not believe that there has been a year in my life when I have not watched Halloweentown at least once in the fall year—the movie itself, as well as the sentimentality behind it, always keeps me excited everytime October comes along. 

     The next movie that is a must-watch in my eyes is When Harry Met Sally, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan (whom I adore). Those who have seen this movie understand that it spans over a course time of around twelve years, and not just explicitly in the fall time. However, there are those few memorable moments in the film that makes the fall vibe all the worthwhile—specifically when Harry and Sally are seen walking in the park, the trees all covered in oranges and reds. I cannot wait to find the time to curl up with a warm tea and watch this flick for the first time this year!

     Last but not least, who would I be without saying that every fall season I have to watch both It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving at least two or three times within months? In my household, everyone and anyone is indescribably in love with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, so the movies as well as characters in general are stapled into my lifestyle. Although I enjoy both of the movies in their own ways, I’ll never get over the moment in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving when Snoopy and Woodstock help cook Charlie Brown a Thanksgiving dinner for him and his friends! 

     Whatever traditions you decide to enact this fall season, I hope that you are able to thoroughly enjoy them, and remember that it is okay to take time for yourself and spend it doing something that you find comfort in.

Mylee Shultz

West Chester '26

My name is Mylee, I am a sophomore majoring in Communication Disorders in hopes of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. However, I am extremely in love with writing and reading, and media in general. In my free time I enjoy watching new movies (or ones that I've seen one hundred times before). I was raised and grew up in Pennsylvania, but am now living in New Jersey. When I am home, I enjoy being in the company of my family, friends, and dogs.