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While making friends seems easy in theory, it can be found increasingly difficult to do in college. In high school, you are used to being in set groups with friends you had since elementary school or even middle school. You become accustomed to being in a space where you see the same people everyday from 7am-3pm, and maybe even in after school activities. Being at college is way different, as we all know. We have freedom without rules or curfews – we can decide what we want to do. We can even control how often we attend our classes and what clubs to join. That being said, it can be tough to find connections in college. There are tips online that don’t seem to really work, and advice from parents can be just plain hopeless. As a sophomore in college, I can attest that finding real connections with others in a new place can be difficult, but it certainly is not impossible.

Last year, I went through classes and it seemed impossible to find anyone who I thought I could relate to. I then attended my first writing class where I found a girl sitting who had funky pins on her backpack. She had on a really cool band tee shirt with custom converse on. She looked like she had the same vibe as me and I realized that this was my chance to sit next to her and try to befriend her. I took a seat next to her and I commented on her computer stickers. She and I began conversations naturally. She told me about a poster sale going on and invited me to go with her after class. Although I was nervous, I decided that this would be the best opportunity for me, and that a friendship would possibly arise from this. She introduced me to her roommate and a friend she met down the hall in her dorm. We all got along very well and had tons of similar interests, hobbies, and humor. Ever since then, her and I have been inseparable. We now live together and plan to do so for the remainder of our college career. 

That is just one example of how I was able to meet and connect with someone on campus. Sometimes you have to get yourself out there. When I find myself struggling to meet new people, I think of how I met my best friends and took the leap of faith. I now can say that I have been able to find lasting friendships with people on campus by doing some of these things:

  • Sit next to someone who looks like they share the same vibe and energy as you
  • Ask someone in class about an assignment and get their contact information
  • Compliment things that they have: clothes, backpack, computer case, phone case, shoes, hair, etc. 
  • Try not to let nerves get in the way. The worst thing that could happen is that you and the other person may not have that connection. There’s no need to lose hope, especially with the thousands of people out on campus

Everyone’s experience is different when it comes to discovering new people and making connections. That being said, it is not impossible to meet new people, no matter how far in the semester it is or graduation year you are. Joining new clubs can really help with finding new friends, especially being in a club that you’re interested in. This is because both you and the other person joined that club for a reason and you both obviously enjoy what they are doing, what the club offers, and the community that the club creates. Finding friends is possible especially with the environment, community, and activities that West Chester University has to offer!

Shannon Byrnes

West Chester '26

Hi, my name is Shannon Byrnes, and a writer for Her Campus at West Chester University. I am a Communication major with a minor in Professional and Technical Writing. I am currently a junior at West Chester University and love house plants and going on nature walks. In my free time I sing, play music, and listen to music as well as journaling and writing. I also love to grab an iced coffee, thrift, and explore with my friends!