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I don’t like flying due to turbulence. But, somehow, I always come back to airplanes. When you’re on a flight, you should have an appreciation that you’re flying in mid-air to your destination that could be your “one-day” paradise or home. When you’re flying, take advantage to purchase a seat by the windows to see the breath-taking views of our little world that we live in. People tend to miss out on this experience because perhaps they are afraid of flying and are afraid to go out of their comfort zone flying up high to an uncertain destination.


It’s important that people, especially young adolescents, travel by planes to different countries and learn the uniqueness of different cultures, people, and lifestyles. Some people today aren’t ready to confront a different environment that they aren’t used to, especially in the United States. According to Nomadic Matt, only 40% of Americans own a passport. That is insane! 


We need to understand how other civilizations function to unite and learn from each other. Friends have said to me, “I wish I could travel,” which has always concerned me. Many Americans believe they can’t travel due to the expenses. I have learned over time that there is always a way to pay for travel. I explain to people who wish to travel to not wish, but just save and just do it when the time is right. It isn’t because I have a certain kind of wealth or money to burn to travel. It’s all about how to save and budget your money. Two tips I have picked up throughout my experiences with saving money and being confident while traveling.


The first tip is to reduce consumption. We are taught from a young age to consume. Consumption has become a part of our culture and lifestyle. According to The Guardian, Celia Cole explains that “overconsumption is costing us the earth and human happiness.” Consuming brings major cons when it comes to money and especially the health of our only planet. Check out their website for more information about overconsumption. By taking a step back and ask yourself if you need to purchase the item or food can lead to saving additional money!  By not spending the little expenses on a daily basis will add up on savings before you know it. Back in the day, I would purchase coffee on a daily basis at Starbucks, but I save over 100 dollars per month by just making coffee at home!


The second tip is becoming less materialistic, which means that the focal view won’t be on assets. Cole further explains that items don’t make us happier and further goes to claim that the relationship individuals have with material items endangers interactions with other individuals, species of animals, plants, and the wellness Earth. Materialism can give happiness to people, but that feeling of happiness is temporary until there is another shopping spree. One can easily fill that void with knowledge from travel, relationships with close ones, and passion that will fill with eternal happiness. You can purchase a 3,000-dollar bag and show it off to everyone for a few months, or you can spend 3,000 dollars on a ticket, hotel, and food for an experience of a lifetime in another country and learn the diverse culture from that place. There is more out there than a Louis Vuitton bag.


It is essential to have confidence during travel. research the areas before you travel, and accept not knowing every detail of your adventure. Researching the area and language before traveling benefits you by knowing the surroundings of the area. It is better to have the knowledge and try to blend in the culture by showing respect, rather than being ignorant and not willing to show care for their way of living. It’s often beneficial to know some common phrases such as “Hello!” and “Where is the restroom?” This will enhance your travel immensely and make life much easier. 


Get out of your shell and explore other environments out there. We are all connected. We have to understand, accept others’ lifestyles, and not be ignorant about them. Traveling is an amazing experience and a way to have an open mind. It can be scary, but you will thank yourself when you arrived at the destination. Cut the excuses of not traveling and do not miss out the airplane window view!


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Megan James

West Chester '21

Megan is pursuing a B.S. in Spanish and French at West Chester University, Pennsylvania. She enjoys painting, visiting museums, reading dramatic/romantic novels, and learning languages.
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