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Being that I’ve been a student of West Chester University for two whole years now, I’d like to believe that I know a thing or two about the home of the golden rams. But if there’s really anything I know for a fact about this school, it’s that I would give my literal life defending the dining hall. I have been a dining hall ride or die since my first semester here, and I will be one until I quite literally leave this earth.

Whenever I meet someone new for the first time, my go-to get-to-know-them question is “What are your thoughts on the dining hall?” Many do not understand the weight of this question. I already know I’m going to like someone when they tell me they’re a dining hall usual. I know I’m going to love them when they not only listen to me talk about how amazing the dining hall is, but when they even start singing its praises with me. Oh that’s how I know I’ve made a friend for life. But because I love the dining hall so much, I also know everything and anything about the dining hall. Welcome to Dining Hall 101, you can find the syllabus under course content! 


There’s literally a million places to sit in the dining hall, but the best seats are the tall ones right when you walk in. I am a hardcore people watcher, and it’s impossible to not see every single West Chester face when you’re sitting at those chairs, especially during the rush hours. You see people come in, you see people leave, you see people PERIOD. While some may view this as a bad thing, I cannot put into words how much joy I get just from seeing my favorite dining hall cuties. I know it’s going to be a good day when I turn my head to the left, and low and behold, one of them is swiping in. While it is illegal to ask for someone’s number in the dining hall (public safety will find you) because why would you ever do that to someone while they’re mid chew. Instead, a little intense eye contact, a little hit them with the one two, never hurt anyone! 

live love laugh the desserts

The desserts!!! THE DESSERTS!!! While I know some may hold the very wrong and very evil opinion that the dining hall cuisine isn’t that great, no one can say the desserts aren’t amazing. This is a very well deserved shout out to the talented bakers of the dining hall, because if there’s one thing they’re going to do, it’s bake a sweet little treat. A personal favorite of mine are the oatmeal raisin cookies, no I don’t care how you feel about them, they are amazing. The dining hall desserts have never let me down when I’m in need of something sweet, and I bet on my favorite dining hall cuties life they never will. 

anti sykes propaganda

Now, the most important thing about the dining hall is the fact that even if you don’t love it, the dining hall is always going to provide you with a full balanced meal. Vegetables, fruit, protein, SOUP! You cannot, and let me reiterate, you cannot trust someone who only eats at Sykes. I can promise you they have not seen a fruit or vegetable since the start of the semester. And that should never be normalized. But the dining hall? The dining hall has oranges, it has cantaloupe, it has pineapple, and it even has watermelon. Oh how I love the dining hall! 

And that’s it for class! I’ll see you all next Monday, hopefully in the dining hall.

Somara Grewal

West Chester '26

Hi! My name is Somara! I'm currently a sophomore and I just changed my major to english this semester. A fun fact about me is I love the dork diary books, especially when I'm sad. My favorite book is Sixteenth summer, I'm just a teenage girl leave me alone! And I unironically really love love love the chocolate croissant from starbucks.