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Dear Movie Producers: There Is More To Life Than Romance

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at West Chester chapter.

As my friends and I were searching for a movie to watch one random night, we realized how many movies focus on sharing a love interest. And as common as it is to see a romantic relationship amongst our real lives, I feel as if it almost creates an unrealistic ideal that we need one in order to have a successful life. Promoting independence and self-empowerment should be just as highlighted as love and partnership is… but you would be surprised how little this is seen in the film industry. 

Whether finding love is an essential piece to someone’s journey or not, it is crucial to remember how much more life has to offer. Of course sharing a romantic relationship with someone can be a perk, but it should not be our only goal. I feel as if all these movies that surround love give off that false impression. And as important as it is to offer a good example for children, there are adults who also need to be reminded they do not need romance to have a successful life. Everyone can have their own goals and dreams, but it is vital to hold onto those self motivated goals as well. Plus, there are some people who do not have any interest in searching for love, but with society being so prone to it they may feel like an outsider. I think this problem could be decreased if our movies were not so focused on finding love in another person. 

Disney is intertwined in almost everyone’s childhood; I know for myself I grew up watching Disney movies. However, almost all of these movies promote romantic relationships. In addition to that, there tends to be a recurring theme of a female character being saved by the male character. These are not the ideals children should be taught growing up. It creates an unrealistic impression that we must find love to be happy, and that men are our saviors. Rather we should be exemplifying strong, empowered characters that children can look up to due to their bravery and courage. We need to redirect these young viewers’ priorities for when they grow up. We want reliable examples to inspire them to grow into their own person.   

A few of my favorite Disney movies not surrounding romance are Moana, Mulan, and Brave. Specifically seen in our Disney princess movies, the prince always tends to be the hero or overall is the princess’s desiring wish. Why teach our younger audience that these should be our dreams? Moana, Mulan, and Merida are all determined young women who do not need a man to define their worth. They are just as strong and independent without a prince by their side. And in my opinion, these storylines are so captivating to follow along on each of their personal journey’s. Each of them are self driven, determined young women. And in addition, it is setting such a strong example for our younger viewers. These empowering messages are necessary to share for when they grow up and are writing their own stories. 

Other movies that I believe have very positively influential storylines are Legally Blonde, Barbie, and Hidden Figures. However these movies attract a more mature audience in comparison to Disney. Although grown adults do not need as many examples set as children do, it is still highly beneficial to remind them that being independent and on their own is okay; they are just as strong and powerful by themselves. Seeing these examples set on the screen in front of you can become a motivator. And in some cases, after someone experiences a breakup, sometimes they need to rediscover themselves again. These movies are healthy reminders that they will be okay and are capable of so much. 

Ultimately, the film industry should consider expanding their storylines beyond love interests. It is such a normalcy in our society, that the other virtues of life tend to be overlooked. It is important to promote independent and powerful behavior in our movies that have no correlation to a romantic partner. I understand how romance is so commonly seen in our world, but that is not the only thing. Movie producers need to reconsider constantly formulating their plots on relationships and rather focus on the characters’ independent journeys. It is essential to remember you can feel fulfillment just from yourself. There is more to life than searching for love.

Sarakate Levanti

West Chester '23

Sarakate is a Sophomore Psychology Major at West Chester University. This is her first semester on the writing team for Her Campus. She has a passion for writing about lifestyle content, her opinions, or current trends :)