6 Tinder Dates You’ll Be Glad You Didn’t Go On

If we are all being honest here, dating in the 21st century can be an absolute nightmare. There are said “rules” to abide by like only texting through Snapchat so that it’s “casual” and answering back a certain amount of time later when you get a text so you don’t seem “eager” or “desperate.” Even if it gets frustrating, there are moments that all you need to do is just laugh and brush it off. It can be especially frustrating and weird if it is through dating apps like Tinder. However, those weird and frustrating scenarios can make for a good story to tell your friends later.


With that in mind, I asked West Chester students some of their funniest/weirdest Tinder dates they have been on.


1. Male, 22 years old

“I think my weirdest Tinder date was 2 years ago. I get a message saying let’s hang out and go relax so I thought oh maybe we will go watch a movie or something so we are walking around the university and she stops and pulls leaves out of her pocket and she asked me to examine them and to tell her what I see. I told her nothing it’s dark outside so we continue to walk and we arrive at our destination it’s the EO Bull Center at WCU. So we go in and she grabs her art project and her sander and starts sanding the wood down. We sat there for two hours and she basically talked down to me the whole thing and told me I’m Stupid for everything. Questioned my sexuality for not wanting to kiss her. I walked back to my room and she was like I still want to know your opinion on the leaves.”


2. Female, 19 years old

“Well let’s begin with me saying I was fresh out of a relationship, on the mend. We matched, he seemed so funny and charming, he recommended we eat at a very nice restaurant, offered to pay for my Uber so I wouldn’t have to get in the car with him since he was a stranger and was the perfect gentleman. Until we got there. Not only did he order for me, but when I corrected him on the fact that I wanted something else HE REFUSED ME CHANGING THE ORDER. I was annoyed but let it go. Until he answered a phone call. At dinner. With his mouth full of pasta. And took this call until I said “Can you step out? Because people are staring?” He then replies “You are a b****.” And left me with the check.”


3. Female, 21 years old

“This guy and I made a plan to get coffee at a Starbucks by both of our houses. When I got there, it looked like he ordered for the both of us and I was like “Aw, that’s nice.” No. Another woman was there in the restroom. When she came out, he told us that he invited us both there to see “which one was hotter” and whichever one was hotter would be able to finish the date with him.”


4. Female, 21 years old

“Around a year ago, this guy took me to a really fancy Italian restaurant downtown. It was good up until I brought up what classes I was taking and I made the mistake of saying I didn’t like my calculus class or financial accounting but that I really liked writing. He looked at me stunned and he began telling me that I should like account/calculus because they are “easy subjects that I should understand easily and sees no reason why I can’t comprehend them.” He then says “well, I don’t write but I’m sure if I did I would be really good at it” and then got super upset I didn’t know much about the civil war so he began to rant a solid 5 minutes all about it. By the end of it, I’m obviously over it and upset about how it went. We get into the car and he talks about how lovely an evening he had and he goes “we should go to the orchestra at the Kimmel Center together for our next date.” I’m just keeping small talk nervously before I get dropped off. Right when we pulled up to my place, I go to leave the car and he grabbed my hand, rubbed the outside of my hand and tried to lean in to kiss me and I bolted out of the car as fast as I could.  Let’s say I never went to that orchestra.”


5. Female, 21 years old

“After a couple of weeks, the guy I was talking to asked if I wanted to meet him. So we met up at the beach. We each drove separately, once we got there we walked around and talked. Then we decided to sit on this brick wall and below me were horseshoe crabs. Some were just staring at me, then there were two mating. As I’m looking at the horseshoe crabs, the guy asks if he could kiss me. I turned him down and it was dead silent for about five minutes. So I told him I was sorry and should probably go back to campus. I left and returned to campus.”


6. Female, 20 years old

“I invited a girl over to make brownies and watch a movie. about 10 minutes after she got there, I heard a knock at my door and it was some guy I've never seen before. Turns out he was there to check on the girl and make sure she was okay. She told me he was just an overprotective roommate but after she left I followed her on Instagram and realized he was actually her boyfriend. She told me she was single...awkward.”