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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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6 Shows & Movies to Get You in the Fall Feeling

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It’s creeping up to the time of year where pumpkin spice lattes and dark academia are the move. One of the best parts of the fall season is how comfort is an overarching trend, whether that’s chunky sweaters, fluffy socks, Pillsbury Halloween cookies, or curling up on the couch for a staple fall show. The Fall feeling is evoked in many ways: Decorations, new outfit inspirations, pumpkin patches, and of course, shows and movies. These things just don’t hit the same any other time of year. As we patiently await for fall weather to come, here’s a list to add to your ‘must watch’ this fall season:

American Horror Story

For all my binge watchers, American Horror Story is the perfect show to watch if you’re into scary shows! It’s the perfect mix of creepy, thrill, and drama. If you’re a person who gets overwhelmed by a series with 10 seasons, do not worry. Each season of AHS is set in a completely different time than the season prior, with new characters and plot. I recommend watching each season in order, but you don’t necessarily have to! If you’re looking to watch random episodes here and there, I have you covered. Halloween (Part I) and Halloween (Part II) from the first season Murder House are hands down the perfect spooky and fall-y episodes! Season 1 Murder House is a must watch out of all the seasons. The Axeman Cometh (Season 3: Coven), Devil’s Night (Season 5: Hotel), Return to Murder House (Season 8: Apocalypse), and Cape Fear (Season 10: Double Feature) are just a few of many episodes I love because of the spookiness. If you end up being obsessed, don’t worry. AHS is far from over, as we have a new season coming out September 20th and short scary spin off episodes, American Horror Stories to binge! 

Gilmore Girls

You obviously knew that Gilmore Girls would be on this list. Gilmore Girls is widely associated with the fall season because everything about Stars Hollow is cozy. You’re watching the characters change along with the seasons, in all of their quirkiness and spontaneity. Kiss And Tell (Season 1), Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out (Season 4), and But Not As Cute As Pushkin (Season 5) are all episodes among dozens of others that show picture-perfect fall scenery and activities. The hobbies of our favorites in Stars Hollow are the hobbies that are best practiced in the month of autumn: baking, studying in a dimly-lit room, and hosting movie nights. I think we associate Gilmore Girls with fall so heavily because of the intro, which shows the town adorned with fall foliage and fashion while Carole King’s “Where You Lead I Will Follow” plays in the background. Now, when we see a small cute town covered in orange and brown leaves, we think, “this reminds me of Stars Hollow!”

Pretty Little Liars

We all know PLL, whether you watched it or not. It’s not everyone’s cup of pumpkin spice tea, but it’s such a fun show to binge! There are so many episodes jam-packed with drama in each scene. It’s almost impossible to be bored while watching. It’s the perfect fall show to watch, filled with mystery, drama, murder, and more. It also takes place in Pennsylvania, which I know many of us can relate to the scenery and changing seasons seen in PLL. You’re in for a LONG ride with PLL, so strap up and watch the mystery unfold. 

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is the perfect fall movie for anyone, but especially college students. A classic movie that gives all the dark academia vibes! Dark academia is an aesthetic that is associated with gothic architecture, universities, literature, art, libraries, etc. I always associate this aesthetic with fall. It has a moody, mysterious, rainy, old literature sort of feeling to it; so perfect for fall and fits right into the feels of Dead Poets Society. If you want to see some dark academia content, check out this pinterest board (). Dead Poets Society is a movie I recommend to people who love poetry, literature and fall. However, everyone can take away something from this Robin Williams classic that is emotional, deep, and genuinely inspiring. The perfect movie to watch on a rainy fall afternoon, sipping on coffee and waiting for inspiration to come for that paper you need to write! Carpe diem!

Kill Your Darlings

You’re telling me there’s a movie containing murder mystery and dark academia vibes…that’s just too good to be true! Kill Your Darlings is a 2013 movie based on the life of Allen Ginsberg, an American poet and writer who was a part of the Beat Generation of writers. The movie takes place in 1944 at Columbia University, where Ginsberg attended school. There’s murder, romance, literature, and college life. A perfect fall movie, especially for aspiring poets, writers, and people who love biographical dramas! It’s always a plus when I find out a movie I love is based on true events and people. And the biggest plus, the main character is played by Daniel Radcliffe (the beloved Harry Potter)!

The Craft

What’s a fall movie list without some witches? Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic are great witchy movies, but The Craft is hands down the best. It takes you through the life of four teenage witches during the 90s who discover their advanced powers. As things prolong, their spellcraft gets out of hand and powers are taken too far. It’s funny, eerie, dramatic, and has all the fall/Halloween feels! If you like crystals, manifesting, witchcraft, or just anything witchy in general, you will LOVE this movie. After you watch The Craft, check out the sequel, The Craft: Legacy to see all the loose ends tie together!

If you’re searching for fall TV content, there’s hundreds of shows and movies that exude that fall feeling. Whether it’s horror, mystery, dark academian, cozy or witchy, there is something for everyone! Be sure to check out American Horror Story, Gilmore Girls, and Pretty Little Liars if you’re a binge watcher. If you’re a movie lover, add Dead Poets Society, Kill Your Darlings, and The Craft to your rainy fall day movie marathon! It’s time to defrost our fall girl eras.

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