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In the wintertime, seasonal depression and general gloominess tends to weigh down on my shoulders like it’s a bulky, uncomfortable coat. Leaving my warm bed in the morning to walk to class in the freezing cold is such a challenge, and life feels so bleak. So of course, I jump at any chance to ditch the coat and instead opt for a light jacket that I can pair with a sundress and maybe even a picnic with friends. Springtime is the most rejuvenating time of year, and when I’m not basking in its bliss, I’m longingly listening to nostalgic music that reminds me of it. I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without my playlist of boppy music that emanates the same vibes I’m longing for: picnics in the park with friends, the first exciting warm day of the year, and driving with the windows down on a sunny afternoon. From that playlist, I’ve plucked five of the songs that anchored me during these trying times, or the tracks that are the very sounds of spring:

“Right down the line” by gerry rafferty

You and your parents will undoubtedly bond over a mutual adoration of this 1978 banger; It’s an oldie, but such a goodie. For some people, this song may remind you of Euphoria, but for me, it brings me that feeling of bliss brought on by the onset of summer. It’s what’s playing from the Yacht Rock radio station in my Jeep as I drive down to Sea Isle City for the first time all year, leaving all of my schoolwork and routine behind for the weekend. One listen transports me to that absolutely glorious era. 

The song itself is a playful ode to Gerry Rafferty’s own teenage love, whom he married a decade prior to the song’s release – goals. “Right Down the Line” personifies that euphoric feeling of young love and the blossoming of something exciting, which is why I can say confidently that it is a springtime anthem. 

“Solar power” by lorde

Come on and let the bliss begin. Lorde’s “Solar Power” perfectly captures the nostalgia of warm weather and a deep appreciation for nature. What I love about this disco pop track is that it encourages me to clear my mind and to soak in the world around me. It’s not about love or heartbreak or anything serious – just vibes. 

I spend so much of my day in class at a desk with bright fluorescent lights all around and bleak surroundings. I think everyone can agree that it is stifling, and it’s so easy to let that stagnance and academic stress take over your state of mind. This song emanates the feeling of finally leaving a stuffy building and taking the scenic route home (if you’re me, you’ll probably stop at Starbucks before), enjoying the scenery, and letting the warm weather heal you. I love you, Lorde – you ate with this one. 

“The feeling” by sammy rae & the friends

As you may know, the final stretch before springtime is unfortunately regarded as “breakup season”: an enlightening time for some, but a truly horrible, agonizing time for others. It really is so easy to lose yourself. Because of this, spring can become a time of struggle to find footing. “The Feeling” by Sammy Rae & The Friends will be your go-to calibration song – trust me. Its message is beautiful in the way that it insists external love isn’t as nourishing as self-love. Love will inevitably find you again, so love isn’t a good enough reason to withstand pain and disillusionment. This song is what it sounds like to find yourself again after coming to that realization.

Y’all, this song is so cute. Upon doing some research, I found out that Sammy Rae & The Friends is a band composed of seven people with all different kinds of artistic backgrounds and genres, with their main focus being on queer representation and diversity. There is no one genre I can categorize this song in because it has so much going on in such a beautiful way. Give it a listen and you’ll know what I mean. 

“true blue” by boygenius

Spring simply would not feel like spring without my besties. I associate all of them with my favorite spring mems, and boygenius knows exactly how to verbalize that platonic gushiness and devout loyalty. We have fought together, cried together, laughed together, navigated love and death and grief together… Such a tumultuous journey navigating girlhood grew us into such strongly bonded people. 

 boygenius is a group composed of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus – all independent songwriters whose music have been the soundtracks to everything I’ve ever gone through. Their newest EP the record is about unconditional love, friendship, and growth, reflecting the close relationship of the three artists. My favorite part of “true blue” is the comparison of the speaker’s subject to the sun: “You say you’re a winter bitch / But summer’s in your blood / You can’t help but become the sun”. This lyric hit like a truck when I first heard it because my friends quite literally are my sun, which is so cheesy but so, so true. My friends help me through anything by being there, and without them, spring would be another season. 

“vodka lemonade” by bella coppola

During the springtime of 2020, I spent so much time out in nature. The hallmark moments of my teenage years were spent outdoors: my first quarantine hangout, my first date, and my first real kiss. Listening to the music I listened to then brings up intense feelings of nostalgia, even though so much came and went during and since that time. This song stayed at the top of all my playlists through every single era of mine because it is that good.

“Vodka Lemonade” is a hidden gem I discovered through the friends I did theater with, and Bella Coppola herself is a current Broadway actress and singer-songwriter. She’s truly phenomenal, and I can’t recommend her enough. Her voice sounds like the equivalent of opening up all the windows on that one really nice day and letting all the sun and wind in. This song entails reliving nostalgic memories and wondering what could’ve been, while also looking forward to what’s to come. It really made me glamorize quarantine!

So, if you are similarly thrown into a state of disillusionment by cold weather and are a sucker for nostalgia, do yourself a favor and put on these songs. As you do so, start getting excited for spring. These songs will undoubtedly restore something in you.

Cassidy Komar

West Chester '26

Cassidy Komar is the co-senior editor and writer for Her Campus at West Chester University. She is a Secondary English Education major from Havertown, Pennsylvania. Her articles range from commentaries on music to satirical pieces about girlhood. She is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority at West Chester and loves spending time with her sisters. Outside of school, she loves going to concerts, shopping, and going to the beach.