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3 Ways to Start Off the Semester Strong

‘Tis the season everyone! What season you may ask? Back to school season and whether we wanted to go back to school or not, it is happening regardless. For many people, this semester will be their last, and even if it is not, let’s make it count! Here are some ways to start off the semester strong with your best foot forward.

Have all School Supplies Ready

As some of you have probably already done so, getting any and every school material before the semester starts is a crucial way to start strong. Not doing so could throw you off during syllabus week and the weeks to follow and that is something we certainly do not want. Aside from just purchasing any school textbooks, also invest in some cute notebooks and your favorite pens. Having nice notebooks to write in has helped motivate me to take notes and do homework solely because it is aesthetically pleasing for me to do so. 

Get a Planner

We all enjoy lounging around, having minimal to do on our to-do list. While in school, that might not be the case. Every professor runs their class differently and with that, we can expect different deadlines. If we do not keep track of these deadlines, it is easy to lose sight of what assignments are due on what day causing us to be stressed out and fall behind. A planner is an easy way to not only keep track of what to do with school but also any other appointments you might have. 

Make a Plan

It is important to get back in the groove of things and make a plan that works best for you. Juggling schoolwork, social life and work can be extremely difficult; so, find your path. A way you can do this is by figuring out days within your schedule to do certain things. For example, maybe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can do strictly schoolwork. The weekend you can leave off for your social life and Sundays can be your rest and self-care day. Obviously, this plan will differ from one person to the next but that is exactly the point. 


It is easy to get discouraged, especially for those going through their last semester. Especially with this new mode of learning, studying and doing schoolwork can be less appealing. Regardless of what year you are in, these three ways to start your semester strong are strategies that I have used throughout my entire academic career. These ways have helped me a great deal and I hope they will also help you! 

Alessandra Russo

West Chester '21

My name is Alessandra Russo. I am a graduating senior from West Chester University, with an expected Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Spanish. Currently involved in two organizations at West Chester University which include Wescon; a marketing consulting group and being the Public Event Coordinator, Content Moderator, and Writer for Her Campus. I absolutely love being a part of Her Campus and everything this group stands for. Not only did I get to meet amazing women that empower each other but I am also gaining new experiences on a day-to-day basis thanks to the powerful people I work with.
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