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Small Black Owned Businesses Here at Wesley College


    Over the last few months, the trend of buying from small black-owned businesses has been on an uprise. This trend over quarantine has helped many small businesses branch out and network, while also making more of an abundance amount of money than they were making before this movement began. Here are a few small black-owned brands on our very own campus. 

    Coray Williams started his brand “Showtime” in April 2020. As a football player at Wesley, Coray decided to create a logo with hopes of branching out his name. With showtime being his field nickname, this inspired the name for the brand. Just like when Coray is on the field, he wants the brand to inspire people no matter what they’re doing to go out and attack, because its showtime. Showtime offers t-shirts, long sleeves, sweat pants, sleeveless and regular hoodies. Coray says, “In five years from now I hope to expand further and have my brand known across the US.”

    - Instagram handle @showtime_clothing 

    -Website- https://www.instagram.com/showtime_clothing/

    Ayanna Harris started her jewelry line “Accents by Ayanna” recently in August during the quarantine. During her freshman year, she expressed that accessorizing boosted her confidence, so she wanted to share that confidence and positive energy with others. While she currently sells anklets, earrings, and necklaces, throughout the year she wants to feature more jewelry pieces in addition to the staple accessories. Ayanna says, “I purposely pick pieces that can add for the bold or the minimal looks and personalities. Accents by Ayanna also challenges the ‘everyday’ person to experiment with jewelry or take their current look up a notch.” Five years from now, she sees her pieces on shelves in stores and collaborating with black-owned businesses to create something iconic and special. 

    -Instagram handle- @accentsbyayanna 

    -Website- https://www.accentsbyayanna.com

    In March 2018, Devin Curry and Ryan Clemons created their brand “Real Different Exclusive”. The meaning behind their brand is to emphasize being yourself and not conforming to society’s standards. They hope that their brand becomes nationally known with the goal of having at least 10 orders in every state. After reaching that goal they plan to expand and open a store. As the Real Different Exclusive brand sells shirts, hats, and sweatshirts, they also look to sell way more such as sweatpants, sweatsuits, coats, and even jeans. Five years from now they state that they see their business being recognized by people across the US, and on the level with other black businesses like Milano De Rogue, Telfar, and other black businesses unknown.

    -Instagram handle @real.different.exclusive 

    -Website- http://www.rde.clothing

    The brand OnPointByChanel was started on May 20, 2020, by Ny’Ashia Harris (Ny). This business offers a collection of cute and affordable heels, sandals, handbags, and anklets. After losing her job to COVID, Ny decided to build a brand for women to relate to. While also being inspired by her mother’s cleaning business, she decided to create her legacy as well. Ny states, “In 2019, the unemployment rate for African Americans was exceptionally high and that is something I would like to change. Once my company grows, I would like to create jobs for black youth.” In five years she hopes for her brand to flourish storefront in cities such as Delaware, Atlanta, and Philadelphia while helping women feel beautiful at all times. 

    -Instagram handle- @onpointbychanel 

    -Website- https://onpointbychanel.com

    Nazire Jordan (Nas) is the owner of Millionsthebrand which he started in 2018. This clothing brand was created when Nas realized as a freshman that people want millions during their lifetime. The meaning behind his brand is no matter what a person aspires to be, there are a million ways to get the job done by finding a way that works for you. Nas aspires to have his own factory and shop while providing clothing for people all over the world. This brand offers t-shirts, pants, hoodies, etc. In 5 years he would like for his brand to be known while having shops in different areas, and living a designer lifestyle. 

    -Instagram handle- @millionsthebrand 

    -Website- https://www.millionsthebrand.com




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