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The Importance of Keeping an Agenda


In college, the aspect of organization and readiness is required. Being organized means that a student is prepared, set, and ready to go. Organization also makes students feel confident instead of doubtful. An agenda can help with keeping classes, homework, materials, or even after school activities organized. In my opinion, keeping things in order is a great tool to succeed in school in general. With this in mind, a tip that could constitute being organized is buying a big agenda with more space to write all activities and homework down. Some agendas have a notes section that could be used to thoroughly plan out our day. Now, if plans change, we may use a highlighter to maybe shift the times or to simply point out that we did not get that task done. This could benefit our lives as we will be kept busy and feel motivated to do work. 


We all forget things, like forgetting where we placed our phones when we are holding it. This is where an agenda comes in handy as we get to write down all due dates and upcoming events. Of course, we will not write down where we last placed our phones, but we can write down when an assignment is due, what will be covered next class, any sporting events, or chores in general. Usually, people use their phones as a way to remember certain activities; however, I recommend using an actual agenda as many distractions take place on our phones. And, of course, if we forget where we placed our phones, where will we be able to see what task comes next?

A Study Strategy 

Since we use our agendas every day, it is a great tool for studying and revisiting important keywords. I always wrote down important vocabulary words on the sides of my agenda or the last few pages to constantly remember their meanings. It is not about memorizing; it is about learning and remembering how to utilize your tools for a better understanding of certain subjects. Agendas do more than just record upcoming events as they can be used to study by writing keywords for future needs. 

Goals / Objectives (Short-term)

I've always heard people say that making short-term goals as we go is important because it works us towards our long-term goals. Dedicating one to two pages on our agendas to writing short-term goals could motivate us to complete them. They could be about passing a course, studying for one hour, or even learning to cook a certain recipe. Writing these down in an agenda, alongside a checklist, could help us complete the goals and practicing it. Short-term goals do not have to be written in journals; agendas are also a great place to write them as we use them daily. Learning how to use all of the tools that an agenda gives us is a matter of time and dedication, all we need to do is have one and utilize it to the best of our ability.  

HI there! Paola is a senior at Wesley College who is majoring in English and minoring in Writing, and hopes to write for a living after college. Some of Paola's interests include writing, reading, watching horror and comedy films, traveling, and eating. Find her on Instagram as @_paolaap_!
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