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  1. Do not study too much in one day, take breaks after each session. 
  2. Think about what you will do after your finals – maybe a vacation or going out more.
  3. Find a day to go out with friends.
  4. Take deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed.
  5. Stay organized and have all of your material ready prior to your exams.
  6. Think about your game plan – how will you study?
  7. Make a list of what you need to do.
  8. Stay healthy by eating and sleeping right and making a schedule that works for you – do not go to bed past 10 pm. 
  9. Prevent all form of activities that will stress you like over-studying or being around negative people. 
  10. Make reviewing fun (do not just read but create a strategic way that will help you remember certain content). 
  11. Exercise will help you be more awake and aware.
  12. Recompensate yourself after achieving a certain goal.
  13. Recompensate after your exam in order to form a habit for future finals.
  14. Remind yourself of your goals (long-term or short-term).
  15. Find help if you are stuck with a certain topic or subject (on time!)
  16. Do not procrastinate – this will greatly impact your scores and you will be stressed out when rushing. 
  17. Do not just memorize it, try to understand what the topic is saying.
  18. You will be stressing sometime in your routine, try to catch it on time and regain that motivation. 
  19. Practice time management and be strategic before and during finals week. 
  20. Believe in yourself!
HI there! Paola is a senior at Wesley College who is majoring in English and minoring in Writing, and hopes to write for a living after college. Some of Paola's interests include writing, reading, watching horror and comedy films, traveling, and eating. Find her on Instagram as @_paolaap_!
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