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As temperatures drop, I begin looking through my closet thinking about my fall outfits. Between the colors and accessories that make a simple look pop, I don’t know where to begin when it comes to putting together my fall looks. Here are 3 different things that I like to keep in my closet for my everyday fall outfits:

  1. Turtle necks. 

Turtle neck shirts and sweaters are an elite way of making a simple outfit “dressier.” I love an olive green or a toasted orange shade, especially in this specific style. Not only does it keep the wind off of the back of your neck, but it also adds a touch to your style for the day!

  1. Uggs

We all have most likely heard of uggs. For a while, I was totally against them and thought they were overpriced boots. Until a few years ago I finally gave in and realized it’s a pretty decent investment. They pair great with jeans or even leggings, while they also keep your feet warm.  

  1. Leather jackets 

Leather jackets are also a great addition to a simple outfit. While they also keep you warm in the wind, they also add a tough biker touch to your look for the day. Sometimes I even like to accessorize with double necklaces to pop with the leather look. One of my favorite looks is a turtle neck shirt paired with a leather jacket.

These three things are just a few of many suggestions that are cute and stylish to have in your closet. Be on the look out for more suggestions throughout the fall season. 


Kyla is excited to be the president of Wesley's first Her campus chapter. She is currently a senior at Wesley College, majoring in English. During her downtime, she enjoys reading, writing, and singing. Instagram @kylatiara_
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