6 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows (Pt.1)

While these are in no specific order, here are six shows I recommend that are worth binge-watching on Netflix. 

1. Blacklist (8 seasons, 152 episodes/ (Crime drama Action Thriller Mystery)- Blacklist is a show about a criminal (Raymond) that is number 1 on America’s most wanted list. Raymond ends up secretly working with the task force to catch other criminals on the list. If you’re into a lot of plot twists, this is the show for you. 

2. Nikita (4 seasons, 73 episodes/ Drama Thriller Action Spy fiction Psychological thriller- This show is about a girl named Nikita, who is raised by a secret government agency. She decides to escape to work against bringing the agency down and exposing them. If you like shows packed with action this is a good go-to.    

3. Umbrella Academy (2 seasons, 20 episodes/ Drama, Science fiction) - Umbrella Academy is about a group of 7 kids who are all born with a different type of power. They’re all adopted by a man who creates the “umbrella academy”, and raises them to learn to enhance and use their powers to save the world. Throughout this show, the siblings learn more about their childhood and get answers. 

4. Imposters (2 seasons, 20 episodes/ Dark Comedy)- Imposters is about a woman who cons people into loving then marrying her. Once she feels secure in their marriage, she wipes out their bank accounts, and moves on to a new victim. The victims of her love game go on a hunt to find her while helping expose her to her current victim.

5. The I-land (1 season, 7 episodes/ Thriller)-The I-land is about a handful of characters who wake up with memory loss. While they’re on a search to not only get off the island but to also figure out who they are. This show is a quick binge-watch, but totally worth it with the plot twists.  Although this is a thriller, it is more suspenseful with expectations rather than scary. 

6. Containment (1 season, 13 episodes/ Drama) - While this series may be a tad bit relatable with the current pandemic situation, this show is about an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta. It highlights a section of the city in quarantine and the chaos and government secrecy behind it.