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Ways to Liven Up Your Mornings

So, waking up can be hard, plain and simple. Yet, I would like to suggest a few ways to make your mornings a little easier and a little livelier.

I often go to sleep at 12-1:00 in the morning, which I know may not be the best for my health or brain functioning. Yet, despite my seemingly late nights, my mornings are often bright. I like and prefer waking up at 6:00 in the morning. Yes, some days I am drowsy from insufficient sleep but all in all, I find that waking up earlier in the day adds the most to my days and makes it seem as if I get the most bang for my buck, a fuller day one may say!

So, if you’re interested in adopting an early morning routine or you enjoy the sounds of birds chirping while you sip coffee while on your computer, than here are a few suggestions to make your mornings a little easier and maybe a little early!

  1. COFFEE!!!: I really look forward to waking up in the mornings and fixing myself a cup of coffee. I don’t know if it’s the little jitters and jolts I get from a sip here and there, the sound of coffee brewing in the silence of the morning, or the aroma that stems from my “A” initialed Antrhopolige cup (a cute coffee cup can also be a plus)! Either way, I love waking up early and starting my day off with a fresh and warm cup of joe!
  2. Plants: Plants? Yes. Plants. I absolutely adore waking up and pulling apart my curtains to let in new sunlight for my plants; I am currently taking care of four plant babies and I couldn’t be happier! Plants are alive and having that lively energy in your most intimate of spaces and seeing their beautiful green colors (or blue, purple, pink, and so forth) is defiantly a pleasant sight to morning eyes!
  3. Morning Inspo: One of the things that I love being alerted of are new arrivals from my favorite stores or ways to adopt certain fashion trends and or looks. Now, fashion may not be your preference but whatever is your favorite thing to look at on your phone, scroll through it or take a look while sipping your coffee and looking at your dazzling plants. I don’t know what it is, but I love getting fashion inspo in the morning before the chaos of schoolwork or the hectic pacing of work.

Now, of course, there are a million-gazillion things you can do to start off your morning a little bit early (i.e. exercising, reading scripture or a piece on spirituality, walking your pet, streaming a quick show on Hulu or the Flix,, etc., etc.). I just wanted to share my top three, hehe!


Like sun rays that shine through falling water, projecting iridescent rainbows that seem to fall endlessly beyond the eye, one may be just as amazed by the sight of a particular token of the Earth. That token does not resemble that of iridescent rainbows or twinkle like dark, rich, and red rubies, but instead it casts upon the onlooker an interwoven palette of oranges, yellows, honeys, and gold that tends to illuminate even amid darkness. I am named after that token of the Earth, I am fossilized resin, I am Amber. However, contrary to what some may think about me, I am not static nor fixed, especially in a particular place. Instead, I am ever changing and always in search of new opportunities, new connections, new places to go, people to see, ultimately, new life experiences. I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia where I have grown to love the close-knit communities and new communities that have allowed me to expand beyond who I was yesterday. I have a tremendous network of friends, a pretty decent mall at my disposal, and an adorable Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Lukie Skywalker, that has filled my heart and many others. I adore and treasure my mornings which are generally filled with a cup of coffee, family conversations, and the gifts of a new day. Additionally, a general day for me is composed of school work, stomach grabbing laughs with friends, running when I find the time, a pinch of sewing, and a sprinkle of discovering something new, whether that be new knowledge, a new eatery, or simply a new experience unlike something of my own. And now that I have finally gained the courage to construct and compose this biography, I would just like to note that it has no way of entailing every little aspect of who I am or my life experience but it does a fairly nice job as an introduction. Hi, I am Amber Walton.
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