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Tik Tok Reviews From Your Fellow Obsessed Tik Tok-er

We know life is full of scammers, some of us may even be the highly emulated racketeer. However, when you are the one being scammed it’s not a nice feeling. In this article I am personally going to review TikTok trending products, cooking demos, and whatever else TikTok offers up on a silver platter. 


  1. The Elf Lip Scrub: This little bundle of joy comes in three flavors; Cherry, Coconut, and Brown sugar. Let me start off by saying do not get the coconut it personally smells awful. Otherwise, this product is worth the four dollars I spent. Elf usually has a seat at the table and with this product, she will remain there. It is very gritty and exfoliating, easy to use, and some even come with a chapstick at the bottom. The chapstick isn’t all that but if you’re ashy it will definitely do. Rating: 10 /10

  2. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution: This solution is not for those with sensitive skin. While using I experienced a slight sting and this was very prominent on exposed/cut areas. This product does have it claim to fame but the aftercare for your skin needs to be immaculate. This product is photoreactive and it is especially important to wear sunscreen after using it! After clearing up hyperpigmentation/dark spots, if you fail to protect your skin I can guarantee your skin will be ten times worse than when you started. Rating: 8/10

  3. The Whipped Coffee: This recipe is a 1:1:1 ratio so you can scale up or down however you please. Ingredients include: 1tbsp instant coffee, 1tbsp sugar, and 1 tbsp hot water. After combining whip until desired fluffiness. This recipe was quick and easy but I would recommend spicing it up a little. After whipping and making your base (milk). Add some flavor, get some chocolate or caramel and just go crazy! But if you drink it plain I guarantee it will be bitter. Rating: 9/10

  4. Vapor Rub (Skinny Overnight Method): A lot of people would be scared, and I’ll name ‘em. Your healthcare professional is sure to be one of them. Exercise is always a way to trim down any unwanted fat and these overnight methods are 90% scam. I did, however, try the method for a couple of days with the added coffee infused coconut oil that everyone suggested in the comments. The experience is a messy one and very uncomfortable to sleep in. The process alone makes me give this a thumbs down. It’s messy, hard to sleep in, and the results are not that drastic. I will say that it does show some results after continuous use and even more when coupled with exercise, but it’s exhausting. P.S. Vapor rub naturally has a tingling sensation and it will have the same effect when you put it on your stomach. Rating: 4/10


TikTok is fun and I will be doing another segment to this article with more reviews, don’t worry you don’t have to like for a part two ?. Be safe and don’t get scammed!


Tyler Walker is the Co-Correspondent for Her Campus at Wesleyan College. An avid Naruto enthusiast, painter, and author. Tyler is a passionate leader and dabbles in the realm of puns. Look forward her article series ",Sincerely -".
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