Remember, Cardigans Are Our Friends Too!

The other day I stepped out into the morning light. I was wrapped in my softest of robes and the cup of coffee safely cradled within my hands blessed me with its warm steam. As I proceeded out into the porch and down the front steps, the sound of leaves giving way underneath my feet sounded in the morning air. And I said to myself, “Hello fall.”

Transitioning into a new season can be a difficult and challenging time, especially when it comes to one’s wardrobe. As much as we would like to, we have to eventually let go of the hand of summer and reach for that of fall. This can pose many challenges when it comes to re-evaluating or reconsidering wardrobe changes and how to transition into a new season. Yet, this transitioning of seasons doesn’t have to be as hard as some may think!

Too often I hear family and friends remark on how much they’ll miss wearing their favorite summer dress…

And to them I always say, “Just add a cardigan.”

You should see the look of astonishment and joy on their faces, knowing that they don’t have to let go of their favorite summer dresses, rompers, or jumpsuits just yet.

That’s the beauty of fashion and clothing; clothes allow us to express our own unique and personal styles while also challenging us to think beyond viewing a piece of clothing (like a summer dress) as being confined to a particular season of the year. 

And although this may not be new information for some, I'm hoping that this article will serve as a friendly reminder that cardigans are our friends, too!

Cardigans are that one particular article of clothing that can keep your wardrobe alive well beyond summer. All it takes is a cute cardigan to drape over your favorite summer dress, romper, or jumpsuit to transition that piece of clothing into season of autumn. Other accessories can fall-ify our summer based wardrobes as well- think wool hats, scarves, lightweight tights, knee high socks, and layering turtlenecks or longer sleeved tees underneath sleeveless dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits!

Additionally, cardigans have the power to be seen as timeless wardrobe staples. Choosing cardigans of different silhouettes, shapes, and styles can alter any look! 

There are so many fun and beautiful choices to choose from when exploring and venturing into the wonderful world of cardigans and there are an array of outfit combinations and possibilities to work with when we add a cardigan to our favorite summer dresses!

So next time you’re at the mall or wishing that you could wear your favorite summer dress to embrace the essence of autumn, just reach for a cardigan!

P.s. I've taken the effort to link a few cardigans (and some summer dress on SALE) of varying styles and price points as a starting point if needed (not sponsored), enjoy and best wishes! 


1. H&M knit cardigan in beautiful autumn colors ($17.99) 

2. Zara tweed cardigan (full Chanel vibes) ($69.90)

3. Amazon leopard print cardigan ($18.97)

4. Old Navy button front cardigan (great for work, goes on sale often) ($25-29.00)

5. UO Wendy cable knit cardigan (pretty vintage shiloutte) ($29.99)

6. UO Ribbed button front cardigan (nice cardigan for a fitted look) ($29.00)


1. UO Positano shoulder tie dress ($19.99)

2. H&M A-line dress (pretty and simple A-line shiloutte for easy dressing) ($9.99)

3. H&M Short dress ($9.99)

4. J.Crew Polka dot wide leg jumpsuit (catch during their extra off sales!) ($53.99)

5. Madewell Denim cross-back sundress ($39.99)