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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WesCo chapter.

We watch shows like The Bachelor and Real Housewives, but how real are those relationships?  You guessed it. Those scripted TV shows are as real as The Young and The Restless.


 Although there are some anomalies that flourish through the TV drama and end up a success story, you are almost guaranteed 99.99% heartbreak. As people (especially women) we have to be cognizant of what kind of love we allow to soak into our subconscious. 


There’s no harm in wanting a fairytale, but sweetheart, when his love language is toxic masculinity and 2 am, “You up?” texts, let him go. Start seeking other sources of romantic inspiration. Look towards another beacon of hope and not on your TV screen.

Tyler Walker is the Co-Correspondent for Her Campus at Wesleyan College. An avid Naruto enthusiast, painter, and author. Tyler is a passionate leader and dabbles in the realm of puns. Look forward her article series ",Sincerely -".
Maddy Delaney is the Co-Correspondent for Her Campus at Wesleyan College. When she's not writing, she's hammock-ing, eating mozzarella sticks, or knitting. Yes, she is, in fact, an elderly woman named Edith in a college student's body.