I Don’t Drink, and That’s OK

I’m a 21-year-old college student, and I don’t drink. 

There, I said it.

It’s not for any religious reason (I’m Catholic) or because I had a strict upbringing (I didn’t).

I simply don’t like the way alcohol tastes in general.

This seems to surprise a lot of people, from peers to extended family members, and I don’t get it!

What is wrong with not liking the taste of alcohol?

When I say, “I just don’t like tomatoes,” someone will always pipe up with a “me, too!” or “I get that”. However, when I say, “I just don’t like to drink,” it’s a totally different story. Every time, someone (or everyone) either tries to placate and mollify me with statements like, “oh, that’s ok, I know a lot of people who don’t drink,” or they start suggesting drinks and guessing what my “type” is (so far, people have guessed that I like lots of sugar and/or very sweet wines, which to me never taste sweet).

I used to think it was the way I said it; did I sound hesitant, or insecure, or apologetic? I started to make sure I sound confident and try not to leave room for doubt about what is definitely my decision and not a default or something forced upon me. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK! I always end up ending it by agreeing that yeah, sure, sometime I’ll try that cocktail or that brand of wine. Guess what? I won’t. Why can’t I just not drink? It’s something to consume, like brownies or juice. There are other things to drink! 


Like water. 


And sweet tea. 


And hot tea. 


And chocolate milk. 


And sweet tea. 


(I’m a southern girl, ok?) 


Listen, everyone, it is totally FINE that I do not like to drink, just like it’s fine that I do not like to party. There are ways besides drinking and partying to unwind and have fun. I just don’t drink alcohol. I do drink water and tea. Honestly, the best times I have ever had involved a hammock and a bottle of water. Whatever your liquid sustenance of choice, enjoy responsibly, y’all.