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Whether you are working from home, attending classes from home, just chilling at home, or all three, we all have something in common; we’re home. Being in one place all the time can be really boring, and it’s made worse if you literally cannot go anywhere else (the grocery store doesn’t count! That’s a whole new level of stress). I have been doing some things to help break the monotony, and I would like to share them. They aren’t monumental, like learning a language or an instrument, but work pretty well. Add to the list with your own stuff, or just read it and laugh, I won’t mind. 


  1. Have dance parties (we are planning a competition with Just Dance videos on YouTube). This is a fun way to let off some energy and do something unrelated to being productive. 

  2. Reorganize your shelves and cupboards and everything. This may not be for everybody, but if you do want to feel productive, make a list of things around the house that need reorganizing (DVDs, jewellry, pantry, bookshelf, etc.) and work on one thing each day. I did the pantry earlier this week and my bookshelf is next. 

  3. Learn to make new food. I can boil pasta, thaw chicken, and mix and stretch pizza dough, , but I want to learn how to make bread from scratch that also looks pretty. 

  4. Read. Don’t make a huge list; that will get overwhelming real quick. Instead, pick a book and decide to finish it in quarantine. Then start reading. (I chose A Girl of the Limberlost; it’s been a while and it’s really good.)


I hope this list gives you some ideas. Happy quarantining! 

Natalie is a writer and a double major at Wesleyan. She is also the oldest sibling in a large family and a nerd. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys reading, baking, hammocking, and watching fantasy/sci-fi.
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