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Thinking about what to write about, I decided to write about Writer’s Block. You know the wall your brain builds when you want to write but your brain only wants to imagine. Yeah, that. Writer’s Block is probably the worst thing that can happen to a writer. Sure, they could break a bone or something, but bones heal. Writer’s Block is forever. I hope that by writing about Writer’s Block, I can crumble the wall a little bit. Trust me, staring at a blank document for days is really stressful. And that’s honestly not something I need in my life right now or ever. I have never hated something so much in my entire life, I swear. Writer’s Block is also the reason I procrastinate; a lot. Everything gets done eventually but pulling all-nighters is awful, and I always feel like I’ve been hit by a bus by morning. Okay, enough complaining for the moment. No, I’m not done. Far from it, actually. 

When dealing with Writer’s Block, there are a few things that I do. 

For poems, I write down all the words in the poem and then organize them into something that looks like a poem and makes sense. Also, just writing helps because I find that a lot of stanzas are already there; I just have to put them in order. 

For essays, I pull out facts and quotes and figure out how to organize them. What sounds good where, and what will help make the essay make sense? Oftentimes, Writer’s Block for me is just about finding the right way to say something. 

For stories, I work on characters, and no matter what I’m doing I’ll write down a scene or some dialogue that comes to mind and start to see something come together. 

Writer’s Block is a bitch, but there are thousands of different ways to deal with it. Just google, “How to deal with Writer’s Block.”

Hello! I'm Isabel, I'm a 19 year old introvert. I have a cat and really enjoy free time. I also really enjoy writing. My pronouns are she/her.
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