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I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve been called a “bitch”. It’s not out of blatant disrespect. Actually, it’s the exact opposite; it’s about having respect for myself. Almost every time I’ve been called a bitch, it was because I was challenging something that didn’t sit right or that I spoke up when something was wrong. I stick up for myself when necessary. I confront those who abuse their authority and speak on controversial issues. I stand strong with my values, and if that makes me a bitch, so be it.

The first time I was called a bitch was in the sixth grade when I stepped in and stood up for a girl getting bullied. She was in tears, being relentlessly attacked with fat jokes. Apparently, I was a “bitch” for telling them that wasn’t cool and to leave her alone.

I was called a bitch in a Facebook argument where I was defending my friend (who is Muslim), by deconstructing the stereotype that Muslims are terrorists.

I was called a bitch for ending an abusive long-term relationship in my junior year of high school, even though it had destroyed me.

I was called a bitch for advocating for my rights as a woman and as a lesbian.

I was called a bitch when I confronted kids in my high school for making racist slurs.

I was called a bitch for getting rid of people who were toxic to my mental health.

So yes, I’m proud to be a bitch. Being a bitch means making myself a priority. Being a bitch means taking care of myself and recognizing the importance of my mental health. Being a bitch means acting on my values. Being a bitch means doing what feels right to me, even if others don’t necessarily agree with it. So my advice to you is to be a bitch. Some selfishness is needed. Take care of yourself; stand up when something doesn’t sit right, erase negativity from your life, do what’s best for you, even if it means no longer internalizing things that you are expected to. By being a bitch, you can change your world. Someone’s got to.

  Kaylen, a Campus Correspondent for HC at Wells, is a senior at Wells College studying Women's and Gender Studies and Psychology.  "Like Ivy, we grew where there was room for us"-Miranda July