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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

Let’s talk about this “ugly” trend called crocs. Two years ago, I wouldn’t find myself dead wearing crocs. At that point in time, crocs, in my opinion, were the ugliest thing one could buy. But after buying my first pair, I had an epiphany: crocs are so damn practical. I now have four pairs, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

Think about it, crocs are great for any given situation. Don’t believe me? Here’s why:

You can wear them in water and on land – I personally love hiking through waterfalls, and I have found crocs to be perfect for that. With my crocs, I can easily walk on dry land and transition into walking in water- It makes me feel quite like Jesus, actually. They’re perfect for athletes- The first thing I do after running a cross-country race is slip on my crocs. My running shoes often get very muddy and crocs are easy to slip on and they’re comfortable, too!

They complete your lazy day outfit – As college students, we have several “lazy” days where we find ourselves doing homework in the library. Crocs are perfect for these days! They complete that sweatpants and sweatshirt look and can even go over super fuzzy socks. They can go into “sports mode”- Ever have a moment where you unexpectedly have to do some minor physical activity? Screw flip flops, crocs have a strap that keeps them on your feet so you can do what you need to do.

They can be cleaned easily – If you use your crocs as much as I do, they get dirty quick. But that’s okay because all you need to do to clean them is wipe them down and they’ll be crisp again. 

They’re customizable – Ever find yourself confused about how to express your personality? Not to worry, crocs has got you covered! There are so many “giblets,” or buttons that you can put in your crocs. They’re a political statement, really. 

There are so many different styles and colors – There’s something for everyone, crocs don’t leave out a single soul. 

I know crocs get a bad rep, but some will just never understand. So slip on some crocs and live your best life!  

  Kaylen, a Campus Correspondent for HC at Wells, is a senior at Wells College studying Women's and Gender Studies and Psychology.  "Like Ivy, we grew where there was room for us"-Miranda July
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