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I just wanted to start by saying we can argue if you wish to; I want all the smoke, heat, and fire. But Attack on Titan has the best plot of all mother-fucking time. The story starts with the wall that protected the city of Shiganshina crumbling due to one of the Titans breaking the barrier. As well as the main character’s mother being eaten by a titan 50-100 foot tall beast/humans that eats and kills humans with no brain nor consciousness. Now let me say that that’s what got me hooked on the show! Tragic, but I’m an avid lover for sad beginnings and endings, something that makes a character fight for justice or revenge. As the story continues, three friends, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren, from that same city are now joining the survey corps to fight off the titans and find a way to kill them permanently.

Throughout seasons 1, 2, and 3, we as watchers grow and learn about the history of the titans and the legend of Ymir, and prophecy for the Eldians. They are the main characters of the story’s race/nationality. Some other things we learned about are that there are nine main titans: “”Founding””, “”Armored””, “”Attack””, “”Beast””, “”Colossus””, “”Female””, “”Jaw””, “”Cart””, and “”War-Hammered.”” These titans influenced the other “dumber” titans because they were humans injected with a titan serum and ate these main titans passed down from generation to generation. We found out early on that Eren inherited the “Attack Titan,” and later on discover that he is also “The Founding Titan,” both inherited from his father that Eren doesn’t know about until later.

 This show represents betrayal, loss, and vengeance for their loved ones and those they have lost. (RIP SASHA! And FUCK GABI!) We grow alongside the characters seeing their physical, emotional, and mental change and learning about the history of titans. The character Eren is one of the best written hero-villain stories where he is going through a mental infusion with his power finding out memories of both the past and future. Seeing what could happen to his family and friends and the outside world is worse than the world he lived in prior. His friend Mikasa, an Ackerman, has a natural fight or flight instinct to fight, and hers is to protect Eren, whom she loves. And Armin, a brilliant strategist, uses his ability to figure out ways to outsmart the titans and the other city known as Marley, who we found out is the enemy of Eldia since a long time ago Eldians were titans who fought Marleyeans. Both of these characters witness Eren’s digression even though they both digressed themselves. They notice the light once in his eyes dim and expose his wrath on humanity. I don’t want to spoil too much but, finally, all I have to save is watch the show, and you’ll be intrigued!

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