What's in the Shadows?

Our shadows dance together under the glow of the dim street light,

Our feet slap the wet pavement, echoing through the street. 

We snake our way through the neighborhood, 

On the hunt for a pillowcase full of sweets. 


Your halo a little crooked, an angel out of place, 

You were hoping to see a scare so ungodly, 

Something, unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

My devil horns glowed in the dim light, a beacon, calling out for something that I did not want, 

A fright. 


An eery fog surrounds us suddenly. 

I squeeze your hand tightly as a sense of unease creeps through my spine, wrapping around my bones like ivy. 

A shadow dashes across the ground, unexpected

But I can feel your excitement shoot through my veins. 


I silently plead that we turn back and forget tonight’s antics, but you, oh you trudge on, 

Ready to face the ten-legged beast awaiting us in the shadows. 

The only thing I can hear is my heartbeat, as the beast starts to peek out from the shadows. 

A puppy.