What is Political Correctness?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, national conversations, and the internet you’ve probably heard “P.C.” being thrown around. So what is it and what does it mean? P.C. stands for political correctness. Basically, it’s a term that has come out of forces of liberation, freedom, truth, and experience.

There has been some backlash from individuals who think that everything has become too “P.C.” In other words, people are being called out for their racist, ignorant, and insensitive bullshit and they are a little sad. So instead of accepting the truth, they say "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and let it ring because it’s their “right.”

The problem with going to the law to justify everything is that the law is not always just, right, or moral (even if it claims to be). There have been moments in time when amendments had to be added in order to further protect groups of people. Before an amendment was created, did that mean it was right because there was no protection? The United States Constitution does not stop racist bigots, police brutality, human trafficking, and separation at the border. Does this mean we don’t pay attention to these issues or not protect others against these issues because they are not mentioned in the Constitution?

The 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, has arguably protected many individuals. At the same time, it has cost the lives of thousands. The shooting in Parkland caused an uproar amongst young adults regarding guns. School shootings have psychological effects on students and communities. Places, where gun violence is inside and outside of schools, have effects throughout the community. It becomes hard to secure safety and justice when violence is the norm and things like racism, sexism, and discrimination flow freely.

All I’m saying is that P.C. has everything to do with respect, justice, listening, truth, experience, and mindfulness. It should not be based on political parties or ideologies. We should continue to speak our truths and experiences to stand up against the violence and hurt to then create balance, justice, and peace to individuals in this world.