Take Up Space

I'm an advocate for taking up space, and I'm sure to tell everyone around me that they deserve to do so; "you are valid. You deserve to take up all of the space that you do and then some."


In the midst of advocating this for others, I tend to leave out myself.


I am fully aware that I indeed do deserve to take up space... I just haven't quite deconstructed what that means for me. How would taking up space manifest? What would that look like for me?


Taking up space means not starting every question with "sorry."


Taking up space means being honest with myself and those around me about how I'm doing.


Taking up space means not apologizing for feeling.


Taking up space means not pausing my music in a park when someone walks by with their dog.


Taking up space means not holding my tongue when I want nothing but to speak.


Taking up space means not downplaying every compliment I get.


Taking up space means recognizing my accomplishments and not feeling "rude" for sharing them.


Taking up space means accepting the shape that my body fills in its environment.


Taking up space means not sugarcoating myself for the sake of others.


Taking up space means to be real.


Learning to take up space is a long process of unlearning what I've been taught and have taught myself. It means advocating to others that they deserve to take up space, that their feelings are valid, and that they are in no way an inconvenience, but also applying that to myself.


Take up space. Hog it. Be greedy. You aren't here to disappear into the background.  You're here to take up the space you occupy. Do so loudly.