Robert De Niro and The Bomb Threat

Earlier this week, bombs were sent to Robert De Niro’s Manhattan office, two to former vice president Joe Biden, former President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.). All I’m saying is that it’s very suspicious that these bomb threats were sent to Democrats, or liberals who oppose Trump. The number of suspected bombs rose to ten since Thursday.  People have been dying, synagogue’s, schools, and churches have been shot up, and morale in the country has been on an all-time low.

“There’s a rich treasure trove of forensic information since they were found intact,” Doherty said. That means FBI investigators can “look for patterns such as the device, the technical expertise, the method of mailing, a whole host of great, rich forensic evidence that can be gathered.’’ (Washington Post)

The bomb packages were sent to New York, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and California. I hope the investigation continues until they find the suspected serial mail bomber. I’ve realized that this country has become divided over what political parties have stood for and how much candidates have to offer, and I just think that’s wrong.