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Rating Minecraft Wood, Part 2

In my last article, I talked about the first four types of Minecraft wood. Now I’m back to talk about and rate the other four types of wood:

Acacia Wood

The grey logs and orange planks are unique compared to the other wood types, but it’s too bright for my interests. Acacia does pair well with blackstone or dark oak for a Halloween aesthetic though! The doors are a nicer than jungle, but a bit too open—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on your build. 6/10

Dark Oak Wood

Dark oak is basically a knock off spruce wood, and I’ll stand by that statement. It is a darker shade, but the spruce already feels like a good contrast, why make it darker? The only plus about dark oak is the chocolate bar door and trapdoor, the later is a nice accent block. Other than that, just use spruce. 4/10

Crimson Stem

The stem block—the netherwart forest equivalent of a log—is eerie with it’s bright red veiny pattern. The wood is a nice dark fuschia, and unique compared to the game’s earlier wood. The door looks like a recolored spruce, and the trapdoor looks like a recolored jungle. It does feel a bit lazy, but the color makes up for it. 7/10

Warped Stem

This stem block is less eerie since it’s blue, but I still couldn’t see myself using it. However, I am a sucker for the teal planks. The door and trap door are almost similar to the crimson ones, with slight alterations. Most notably, the door has a vine pattern on it—nice for botanical builds. The trapdoor, however, as the name implies, looks warped. Overall, the blue is a nice addition on the wood lineup. 8/10

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