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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

When I think “pant suit,” I think about Hillary Clinton. Regardless of her politics, she always had a pant suit on while rallying up voters and giving speeches across the country. However, the pant suit is not just for presidential candidates and older women. The pantsuit is professional, comfortable and non-constricting. If you have studied women’s rights and all the ways in which women have been confined, you may know that clothing is one of the most caging things to exist for women. Back in the Victorian age women wore corsets, which were not only damaging to the internal body but also super constricting. There was not much availability for movement. Women were kept in dresses to protect an image. Women were supposed to be gentle, submissive, weak, pure and elegant. A big corset dress barely even allowed a woman to go to the bathroom, let alone be taken seriously and seen as powerful. If a woman could barely do anything in a corset, how was she going to move through the world the way she wanted. Not only were dresses constricting but so were high heels. Many people say that high-heels were another invention and expectation of women to keep them from “moving faster.” High heels are hard to walk in at times and definitely aren’t always designed for fast paced moving. I think the meaning of heels and the design of them has changed over the years, however, for a long time they kept women disabled in some ways. This is not to say that a woman can’t be powerful in heels, but the history of it and reasoning has kept women quiet and below men for years.

This is why the pantsuit is a sort of revolution. They are available in most stores nowadays and are often used on the runway as a new look. These suits come in all different shades, styles and sizes. They can be dressed up and down. Bazaar had recently come out with an article titled, “The Power Suit is Back. Here’s How to Wear the Trend This Fall,” which gives photographs of different styles worn by all types of women and celebrities included. This does not have to just be a trend! It can be adopted into any women’s life at any time, winter, spring, summer or fall and it can be worn at so many different events.

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