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One Down, Three to Go: Thoughts About the End of Freshman Year



The inevitable end of the school year is finally upon us. It’s been a long time coming, and I won’t lie, I’m excited to go home, see my pets again and maybe finally fix my sleep schedule. Of course, there’s also a bittersweetness that comes at the end of every chapter close, even if another chapter is going to begin right after it. 


It’s been one hell of a year. In my experience as a college freshman, it was a year of missed opportunities, modified traditions, and a constantly adapting worldview. In the Fall 2020 and the Spring 2021 semesters, I had to adapt to life at college and continue to adapt to a hybrid online/in-person education. But it wasn’t even close to terrible; wearing a mask everyday was hardly more than another part of my outfit and even with the COVID restrictions I was still able to join clubs and organizations and get a job, all of which helped connect me to people and drew me into the little Wells community. I got my first taste of freedom and my first chance to make a name for myself in a new place, and I’d say that my college career is off to a good start, considering the circumstances. And in my opinion, that’s something to be proud of. But I’m not the only person who has an excuse to feel good about my progress this year. 


It is my humble opinion that absolutely everyone who made it through this year has something to be proud of. 


It may not always feel like it, but there is so much for everyone to be proud of this year. We all made it through another year of schooling (which is a major feat on it’s own), all while wading our way through a still-prevalent global pandemic and also attempting to maintain a semblance of a social life and/or good mental health. We’ve had a lot on our plates and in my opinion, we killed it. Sure, it most definitely wasn’t easy, but we did it anyway. And that is nothing to sneeze at; it’s easy to brush our accomplishments this year under the rug, but I think we all deserve a little time to bask in the pride of finishing another year successfully. 


So I suggest taking the time to pat yourself on the back for another year well done, and get ready for another hopefully successful year ahead! 

Hi, I'm Laney! 19, She/Her, writer, Campus Correspondent, and editor for the Wells College chapter of HerCampus!
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