One of the Best TV Shows to Watch This Halloween

Hey guys! We are going to take a break from Harmonize this week, and talk about Dark Shadows: The Revival. I was introduced to this series two years ago, and watch it every year for Halloween. Some of you may have heard of the movie of the same name. The Revival should not be confused with the original series. For those of you who do not know, I will give a quick plot summary. Dark Shadows: The Revival focuses on the Collins family, who live in the town of Collinsport. Little David and his dad came to live with David’s great aunt and cousin, Carolyn. Also living in the house is David’s governess, Victoria Winters. One night the dysfunctional family ends up becoming perturbed due to the visit of an unfamiliar guest. His name is Barnabas Collins. He claims to be a distant family member. In reality (spoiler alert) he is a vampire. He is a member of the Collins family who never died, and has been sucking on people’s blood for the past 200 years. He has come back in order to woo Victoria Winters, who he loved in her past life. Most of the Collins family is a reincarnation of their former selves!

 Now that you know the general story, here are 10 reasons why you should watch Dark Shadows: The Revival.


1. There are witches AND vampires! Why compromise when you can have both?




2. You will know what the new movie is talking about. They discuss a story in 12 episodes that the movie had to squeeze in 1 hour and 53 minutes.



3. Willie! Willie is arguably the best character. His idiocy is much appreciated and leads to some comic relief. 



4. Reincarnation. Reincarnation is fascinating, and it is fun to make fun of the characters’ past-life decisions. 



5. An overly dramatic romance you can also make fun of.  My favorite pastime.



6. Did I mention it has zombies? Goes real well with the witches and vampires.



7. Oh yeah, and ghosts and psychopathic children. Pretty self-explanatory.



8. Joe. Joe is beautiful and has a beautiful personality. Much pleasing, very amazing. 




9. Barnabas’ angry episodes that’ll have you saying “I feel that.” He’s a brat. And it’s pleasing but unpleasing to watch at the same time. 




10. A pretty cool plot, even if it does leave a lot of loose ends. I mean, look at all of the stuff I just mentioned. All of that wrapped into a television burrito? That’s pretty great!