Meet the Writers: Kara Reynolds

Name: Kara Reynolds

Class Year: 2020 (Women’s Evenline Coach)

Major: Health Sciences

Minor: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Hometown: Queens, NY

Hi, I am Kara Reynolds and I am a writer for the Her Campus Chapter at Wells. When I was told I had to do this assignment I cringed! Although I am a well-known extrovert, I genuinely don't like talking about myself especially in public spaces. However, I do hope these brief questions and answers help you to get o know me a little better.   

What are you known for on campus?

On campus, I am known to be a leader and one who never shies away from a task, almost to a fault. I am also known for being outspoken about issues that I am passionate about, whether it is on my or another student's behalf. These attributes have allowed me to be very involved on campus. For example, I am currently the Secretary of the Red Cross club (soon to be Vice President of the club). I am the treasurer of the Health Club, the 2020 representative for the Traditions committee. Finally, I am one of three Student Affairs Representatives in addition to being a Resident Advisor. Although I am very involved on campus, these are all activities that I am passionate about and truly helps me embody the Wells Spirit.  

Describe an experience that has made you who you are.

The death of my brother has shaped me in a numerous way. It has made me more compassionate to people. It has also made me appreciate life and try to live my life with purpose. It has shown me that you cannot take life for granted and to try to take every opportunity that you possibly can. On the other hand, a positive experience that has made me who I am today is getting my college acceptance letters. While it may seem like a paper to most, for me, it was very symbolic. It was a way to show my family that another generation is going to college, it has allowed me to fulfill my promise of going to college to my late grandmother, and it was the beginning of my career path of being a Pediatric Neurologist.  

How do you believe you can positively influence people?

I believe I can positively influence people through my work ethic and drive to achieve. My advice to people is not to let your current situation define how your future success will be. Also, never be afraid to take a chance because not all opportunities are earned by playing it safe. Furthermore, I love to spread the word about self-love, because it is the highest love you can give and receive. Personally, I can attest to this because at one point in my life I did not love myself and it was arduous to tell myself I was good enough for whatever circumstance I was in. I also know the value in loving yourself and how it affects your relationships with others. Overall, if someone was to be influenced by me, I would want them to be most influenced by being a voice for those who may not have a voice; advocating for others and using your privilege to help others.

What is your de-stressing mechanism?

Honestly, showering with music and cleaning. Whenever I am stressed and need to take a break from the outside world, these are my go to options. I take a long shower and play music until I feel like my burdens are gone. I know this may seem typical, but it works. Another destressing mechanism I use is cleaning. I love to sweep and the mop the floor and reorganize my room. For me, both these methods work, and they allow me to escape the outside world for a period of time.

Name one activity you wish you did more of?

Watching Chopped on the Food Network is one of my favorite things to do. I wish I had more time to binge watch the show but my school schedule does not permit!

Name one thing you are glad you didn’t do.

I am so glad that I did not go to school near my hometown. Going to school five and a half hours away allowed me to honestly be independent, experience life, grow as a person, and meet people from different cultures and ways of life. Going to college at Wells has given me a valuable education, but has also allowed me to partake in opportunities that I probably would not have if I went to school in Queens. My personal growth since high school has been tremendous and eye-opening, I am grateful that I got to experience the campus life and understanding that it is a privilege that many are not given.