Let's Harmonize

Hey friends! It’s Amy here. I used to be a part of Her Campus at Wells but had to take a break in order to focus more on my schoolwork. I am back now and have decided to start a new series called Harmonize. In the series I will review albums, and discuss music. These reviews are not meant to be taken seriously. However, I hope you will find some new music through them! I have a diverse music taste and will be writing about many different kinds of music. In the beginning I decided my first review would be Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You. Yet, after a lot of thought, I decided against it. I love Lizzo, but the album is too mainstream. I mean, she has 23,521,467 monthly followers on Spotify. She is so talented, but I am afraid people have already discovered her album. I would like to expose you to records you may not have heard of before.  Ultimately, this is the type of album I chose for my first review coming out in a couple of weeks. I will be doing some mainstream, but not all of the time. 

 I hope if you do listen to what I suggest you listen to the album in order. Since Spotify and shuffle were invented, most people do not do that. I think it is important to do it during the first listen. This semester, I am taking a class called “Psychology of Art.” In the class we learned that it is not just about whether or not people like someone’s art. It is instead about appreciating the process. We may not like every song on an album, but we should appreciate the feelings and emotions that went into it. The artists put the songs in the order they wanted them to be listened to. They wanted to create a feeling. The order is a part of the art. Everyone feels differently when listening to music. Yet, it is not really so much what feeling it is, but the act of feeling that matters. They are taking you through an emotional journey. Many albums have even added intros and an outro. It is to introduce you to the feeling of the album. Each album is so unique, with a different feel. 

  I was inspired to do this series because of my passion for music. I love listening to it. I have been exposed to different types of music from a young age. I never cared what was popular.  I never really listened to mainstream music until I was older. I want to share my passion with everyone else. I hope you enjoy the series!